Zugg Software Affiliate System

Banners on zuggsoft.com

The Zugg Software web site has several packages for advertising your MUD via banners on our web site. Two banner locations are available:

  1. The left panel of many pages, including the Home page, Forum page, Downloads page, and Products page.
  2. The top panel of all forum topics (example)

The banner located on the left panel can only be a static image. Multiple banner "slots" are available, with a common slot used to rotate among different banners, and various fixed "slots" that are dedicated to specific MUD banners.

The banner located at the top of the forum topics can be animated, either via animated GIF images, or via Adobe Flash. This banner is rotated among different MUD ads.

Banner Pricing Packages

The following banner advertising packages and prices are available:

  1. $50/month: Single banner image in Left Panel "common" slot (rotated with other MUD banners)
  2. $75/month: Single fixed banner image in Left Panel in a dedicated slot. Limited number of slots available.
  3. $75/month: Single animated banner in the Top Panel (rotated with other MUD banners)
  4. $100/month: Save $25! Combination of #1 and #3.

Payments for banner advertising must be made in advance and images must be approved by Zugg Software before they will be placed on the site. Zugg Software has the right to refuse any banner graphic that it deems inappropriate for the web site.

Payment should normally be made via PayPal by sending money to the zugg@zuggsoft.com PayPal account. Arrangements for checks or credit cards can also be made, but this might delay the processing of your banner.

Discounts are available for customers who are willing to pay for six months or more in advance. Contact zugg@zuggsoft.com to make special arrangements.

Banner technical details

Left Panel banner: Width should be 120 pixels. Maximum height of 120 pixels (can be smaller). GIF, JPG, or PNG formats supported. No animation.

Top Panel banner: Maximum height 150 pixels. Maximum width 800 pixels. GIF, JPG, PNG, or SWF formats supported. Animation allowed. Flash allowed. However, Flash animation should be contained within the banner. No popups or other scripting is allowed.

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