Ordering DoctorZ

Select one of the following methods to order DoctorZ. 
Order via PayPal by clicking the button on the left. Only Verified PayPal accounts can be used.  For the fastest registration, be sure and enter your Verified Shipping Address into the order form.  Orders without a verified shipping address will be processed manually, causing a 1-5 day delay in your registration.  Also, to decrease fraud, orders without a verified shipping address may be denied, depending upon your past PayPal account history.

Entering your Registration Code into DoctorZ

If you register via email or the web, you will receive an email message acknowledging your order. In this email message will be a Registration Code. Print this email! Do not lose this code!! When you run DoctorZ the next time, click the Enter Registration Code button in the opening screen, and then enter your Name (as you listed it in the registration form), and the Registration Code. It is a violation of Copyright Laws to share this Registration Code with anyone else. Please be sure you have read and understand the licensing agreement provided with DoctorZ.

Your registration info is saved in your DOCTORZ.INI file. If you ever delete this file you will have to re-enter your registration information.


You can get a refund if you are not happy with DoctorZ by sending your Name and DoctorZ registration number to refund@zuggsoft.com.   Refunds are usually processed within 48 hours.