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 User Interface Overview 

zMUD provides many special features that enhance the user interface or that allow you to customize the user interface to your preference. In general, if you find something about the zMUD user interface annoying, there is usually a way to change it.

New Window Caption Buttons

On the caption bar of most zMUD windows are some new buttons. In addition to the standard Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons, many windows also have Rollup/Rolldown and Stay-On-Top buttons. MUD Output windows and the main zMUD menu window also have a partial maximize button.

user0039.gif user0031.gif Rollup/Rolldown

These buttons collapse the window so that just the window caption is shown (Rollup), or expands the window back to its normal size (Rolldown).

user0032.gif user0033.gif Stay On Top

When this button is clicked, the window is set to stay on top of other windows. This function is a toggle. When the Stay On Top function is active, the button appears depressed. Note that there are bugs in Windows when dealing with multiple StayOnTop windows.

user0034.gif user0035.gif Partial expand

When the + button is clicked, the MUD output window expands to fill the entire without covering the main zMUD menu window. When the - button is clicked, the window returns to its previous size and location. This button is similar to the standard Windows Maximize button, but the Windows Maximize button will cause the MUD window to cover the menu window.

When this button is used on the main zMUD menu window, the + button causes the menu window to move to the top of the screen and to expand to the full width of the screen. If the common command line is visible, it is moved to the bottom of the screen.

All of these functions are also available via the System menu (Ctrl-Space) in the upper left corner of the window.



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