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 Migrating to zMUD 7.0x 

Why Upgrade?
What Won't I Like?
How do I Upgrade?
Fixing Corrupt Settings Files
Fixing Corrupt Map Files
Scripts that Don't Work
Final Thoughts

zMUD has gone through a lot of changes between version 4.x, 5.x, 61x and 7.0x.  Some of these changes might make upgrading to v7.0x a bit more difficult than expected.  Of course, if you have kept up with all of the beta versions, 7.0x will seem warm and friendly.  But taking the leap from 5.55 directly to 7.0x might be somewhat of a shock and require relearning some of zMUD features. Migrating from v6.62 to v7.0 should be much easier.  However, be assured that 7.0x is big of improvement over older versions.  Both new users and advanced users will find many important features in 7.0x that make MUDding even better.  Also, most all of the known bugs in previous versions were fixed.

Why Upgrade?

I'm assuming that you are using zMUD for MUDding because it has the best user interface and the most power and speed compared to any other MUD client available.  Well, comparing v7.0x to older versions:

  • v7.0x is faster than any other version of zMUD.  Text scrolling is faster, script execution and trigger processing are faster, and speedwalking in the mapper is faster.  Depending upon your scripts, this version can be 5-10 times faster than previous public versions.
  • v7.0x has a completely redesigned mapper.  This mapper uses a database format to store the map data that is compatible with zMapper and any other program that can read Microsoft Access database formats.  Using zMapper, you can customize the map with many different graphical features, import/export map data, etc.  See zMapper for more information.
  • v7.0x allows you to use VBScript or JScript (or any other scripting language that is installed into the Microsoft Scripting engine) for your scripts.  You can mix normal zMUD scripts with VBScript or JScript.  So now you can program zMUD using the language of your choice.
  • v7.0x has new Advanced Trigger support.  These new trigger states allow you to write much more powerful triggers, or combine some of your old triggers together for greater efficiency.  See the article called Advanced Triggers for more details.  Perl Regular Expression triggers are also supported.
  • v7.0x has full support for Windows XP, including Themes.
  • v7.0x has better support for various Internet standards.  MXP support is fixed in this version (it was very buggy in v6.16), as is the MCCP support.  Telnet option negotiation works better with many MUDs, and support for SOCKS5 Proxy servers has been added.
  • v7.0x has many other new features, including support for floating-point math, better COM/ADO scripting, better plugin support, more mapper scripting, better array support, improved timers and wait command, and much more.
  • v7.0x uses a new version of the eLicense copy protection system that works better on Windows XP systems.

What won't I like?

When upgrading to version v7.0x, you will be required to re-enter your registration code.  So, you will initially see the Trial screen for v7.0x.  Don't panic!  You do NOT need to buy a new registration code.  Simply click the License button, enter your registration code into the Order ID field, then click Install License.  If you have lost or forgotten your registration code, simply go into your eLicense Control Panel, double-click the Zugg Software icon, then right-click on the first zMUD icon and select License Receipt.

This new version of zMUD makes extensive use of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) that are part of Windows.  MDAC is shipped with all versions of Windows since Windows 98, but there have been a large number of versions of MDAC, some of which are slow or incompatible with zMUD.  If you have Windows 2000 or Windows XP, then you shouldn't have any problems.  If you have Windows NT or Windows 98, it will depend upon how up-to-date you have kept your system with service packs and what other software, like Microsoft Office, you might have installed.  If you have Windows 95, you will probably have to install the MDAC system software before you can use the new version of zMUD.  zMUD should prompt you if it detects problems with your MDAC/ADO software.  It will direct you to the page for help with installing.

For most systems, the best way to get a reliable MDAC system seems to be installing MDAC 2.8 first, followed by installing the Jet 4.0 OLEDB files.  

If the new mapper is really slow (for example, if it takes more than 30 seconds to load your map or a zone), then you probably have the old MDAC software.  Try the above procedure to update MDAC to see if that helps.  Also, if you have used any BETA versions of zMUD between 6.30 and 6.68, then you should make sure to re-convert your maps using the new zsConvert program that comes with zMUD to make sure you have the fasted and most stable maps.

How do I upgrade?

Here is a step-by-step procedure for upgrading to v7.0x

  1. Make a copy of your old zMUD directory.  In windows, just select the zMUD folder, then select Copy from the Edit menu in Windows.  Then select the Paste option in the Edit menu and Windows will create a copy of your zMUD folder.
  2. Download the Full version of zMUD v7.0x.
  3. Double-click the EXE file that you just downloaded to run the zMUD installer.  When asked for the name of the folder to install zMUD, select your old zMUD folder so that v7.0x keeps all of your existing settings and preferences.
  4. At the end of the installation, run should be all set!


Of course, since there have been so many versions of zMUD, not all upgrades might go smoothly.  The most common problem is corrupted *.MUD settings files (contains your aliases, triggers, etc) or corrupted *.MAP files from the old automapper.

Corrupt Settings Files

If zMUD hangs or crashes when you try to connect to one of your characters, your *.MUD settings file for that character might be corrupted.  It is actually easy for files to get corrupted.  Saving your settings after getting an Access Violation error is the most common way for this to happen.  v7.0x has been improved and there is less of a chance of corrupting your files if you use the new version.  Some older versions corrupted files very easily.  However, not all is lost. 

  1. First, find the *.MUD file for your character.  It is usually in the folder for the MUD you are playing, within the ZMUD directory.
  2. Rename this MUD file to something else.
  3. Run zMUD again and connect to your character Offline.  This allows zMUD to create a new, blank MUD file for your character.
  4. Select the Import/Settings command from the Settings menu, and when prompted for a filename, select your old MUD file that you renamed.  You should be able to import your aliases, triggers, etc, from your old file.
  5. If the Import doesn't work (because the old file is badly corrupted), go to your Copy of your old zMUD folder and run the old version of zMUD.  Load your character offline, and select the Export option from the Settings menu.  Export your settings to a text file.  Then, go back to your previous version of zMUD and open your blank character, and use the Settings/Import/Ascii menu command to read the file you just exported.  If you have trouble, you can edit the text file that you saved and as least import some of your settings.
  6. When you have recovered your settings, don't forget to save them with the Settings/Save menu command.

Corrupt Map Files

v7.0xx should automatically convert your old *.ZZZ and *.MAP files into the new *.MDB database format.  If it fails to do this, then you might have the incorrect MDAC/ADO system software on your system.  Go to for more information on upgrading this system software. 

Scripts That Don't Work

There were several bugs in the script and trigger parsers in older versions of zMUD that were fixed in v7.0x.  If you were using some of these bugs, then some of your scripts may no longer work.  You might have to tweak some of your aliases or triggers.  Refer to the online help guide or the zMUD Programming Manual on the web.  You can also post scripting questions to the Discussion Forum where several zMUD Gurus are prepared to help you.

Final Thoughts

It has been a long time between the 6.62 and 7.0x releases and I hope you like what you see.  Most of the improvements are suggested by zMUD users themselves.  If you have ideas for improvements, feel free to send them to me at  Of course, if you find bugs you can report them to me also.  Keep an eye on the Beta Forum for the latest breaking zMUD version news.

Happy zMUDding!

Zugg (10-Mar-04)

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