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 zMUD MSP Implementation 

  1. All features described in the MSP 0.2 specifications are implemented in zMUD v4.60 and higher.
  2. Either \ or / may be used in the sound file names
  3. zMUD implements the U= parameter and has several options for downloading sound files, including a default Sound URL for MUDs that do not support the U= parameter. (implemented in zMUD v5.30 and higher)
  4. The !!MUSIC spec is implemented as a general Windows MCI device in zMUD. Thus, any valid MCI file may be played with this command. For example, you can play an AVI file using the string:
    assuming that goodtime.avi is located in the sounds subdirectory of your settings folder. Any MCI device supported by windows can be played, including wav, mdi, rmi, avi. There are also plugins available on the net for playing .mod files.
  5. Stereo volume is supported with the V=left,right syntax (expected in the MSP 0.3 spec).
  6. zMUD provides a Sound preference dialog for MSP settings. You can disable MSP entirely, and also cause the MSP triggers to echo to the screen rather than being hidden. Also in this dialog, you can enable and disable individual sounds or entire classes of sounds. You can also remap sounds by changing the filename associated with an MSP sound trigger. The filename supports all features of the "fname" described above, including wildcarding. For example, you can map a fixed sound into a wildcard sound for more variety.
  7. zMUD displays any sounds requested by the MUD that could not be found on the local disk by displaying these sounds in red in the Sound preference dialog.
  8. zMUD allows MSP sound trigger to occur in the middle of a text line, rather than on a line by itself. This allows people to trigger sounds via gossiping, chatting, etc.  This option can be turned off by the user.
  9. To set the default download path for sounds, zMUD implements the syntax:
    !!SOUND(off U=http://hostname/path)
    which is a useful command to send when the MUD user turns on MSP sounds on the MUD to avoid having to use the U= parameter in your other sound commands.

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