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 zMUD MXP Implementation 

Always ensure you are using the latest version of zMUD, since MXP features are being added to the newest versions.  

MXP notes for zMUD v6.54 and later:

  1. The FRAME, DEST, and IMAGE tags are now implemented
  2. The <SCRIPT> tag no longer exists
  3. File Filters are still not implemented

MXP notes for zMUD version 6.15 and later.

  1. zMUD v6.15 does not yet implement the following MXP elements:
    • Frames, Cursor Control, Images, File Filters, H1..H4 HTML tags
  2. Tag number 19 (welcome text) not implemented
  3. Defined MXP Elements can be viewed in the Preferences screen.  Individual elements can be enabled and disabled
  4. Defined MXP Entities can be viewed in the Preferences screen.
  5. Defined MXP Tags (20-99) can be viewed in the Preferences screen, and their behavior can be modified.  Attributes for the tagged line such as color, redirected window name, etc can be changed.
  6. Links (<A> and <SEND>) are underlined by default.  User can turn this off in the Preferences.
  7. Many zMUD commands cannot be used by the <script> command.  Security is implemented such that all aliases, triggers, etc are flagged as to whether they were created by an MXP script command.  This status is shown in the settings editor.  Any settings created by an MXP setting is also flagged as an MXP setting.  So, if the MXP <SCRIPT> command creates a trigger, for example, that trigger is also restricted in the commands it can execute.  This security model should prevent a MUD server from causing any damage to the client system.  A detailed list of scripting commands allowed in the <SCRIPT> element will be published in a future version of this specification.
  8. The user has the option to always display a message on the screen whenever the server uses the <RELOCATE> tag.
  9. zMUD disables the autolog trigger class when the <USER> or <PASSWORD> tags are detected.  Once the user has sent 5 commands to the MUD, the <USER> and <PASSWORD> tags are no longer recognized unless a <RELOCATE> tag has been received.
  10. zMUD can no longer determine if the user is registered.  Registration of zMUD is now handled by the eLicense technology, and this is not accessible to the client code.  Thus, registration status will not be sent as part of the <VERSION> response.

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