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zMUD was developed using Delphi from Inprise/Borland International. Delphi is a visual, object-oriented development environment for Windows and uses an object-oriented version of the PASCAL programming language. The 16-bit versions of zMUD were developed using Delphi 1.0. The 32-bit versions prior to v5.x were developed using Delphi 2.01. zMUD versions 5.0 and beyond were developed using Delphi 3.0. 4.0, and 5.0.

In addition to the standard user interface components that ship with Delphi or that are part of Windows, zMUD uses several custom components from third parties or developed by Zugg himself. The third party components used in zMUD v5.x are:

Other excellent tools used to develop and maintain zMUD include:

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