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 Versions of zMUD (v3.x) 

[current] [v5.30-5.55] [v5.0-5.22] [v4.x] [v3.x] [v2.x] [v1.x]

3.62a (Public Freeware version)
  • Fixed bug in scrolling of subwindows (captured windows)
  • Fixed GPF when double-clicking on output window
  • Did a lot of resource optimization to improve performance on Win 3.x systems.
  • Now properly loads WINSOCK.DLL on Win 3.x systems (eliminates "cannot find component" error message). You no longer need to run something like Netscape first...zMUD should now fire up your Winsock connection.
  • Clear command (^U) now works properly
  • Subwindows that are closed (like Chat windows) are no longer saved in settings. If you have many windows open, just close the unwanted windows and save your MUD settings.
  • <Del> now deletes selected text in editor (like <BS>)
  • #CLOSE command now works properly
  • Clicking on blank areas of main window or status window no longer causes a crash
  • Text in status window no longer lost when you right-click on it to define status window
  • While typing names of aliases, other aliases are no longer deleted. Same with other settings such as paths, macros, etc.
  • Major bugs in Command Buffer editor fixed. Typing no longer messes up cursor position. Cut/Paste of >255 characters tested and seems to work fine.
  • Preferences dialog now Modal to conserve system resources.
3.61 (beta)
  • Fixed GPF when quitting while multiple characters were connected
  • Status window closed when last MUD window closed
  • Fixed GPF when trying to send data to a network socket that has been closed
  • Fixed problem reading data from a closed socket
  • Improved a couple of cryptic zsock error messages
3.6 (beta)
  • Completely rewrote the WinSock interface library! This should take care of many GPFs, and probably introduce some new ones.
  • Added a new Speed Button bar to the top to allow quick access to various dialogs like Aliases, Triggers, etc. Can be turned off in the General Preferences.
  • Moved Settings/Edit menu to the new top level View menu.
  • Added the View/Preferences/Directories dialog to allow directories of various zMUD files to be set by system administrators.
  • Added #CLR command to clear the screen and scrollback buffer (same as Empty command in Window menu)
  • Updated the #MENU command to reflect new menu structure
  • Added \ as modulus operator (10 mod 3 is represented by 10 \ 3). Also added a %mod function
  • AND/OR/XOR in expressions can now be lowercase
3.53 (beta)
  • Fixed GPF when connecting to a MUD on some systems
  • Fixed GPFs when disconnecting from multiple characters
  • The Reconnect dialog now shows the name of the character that lost connection
  • Modified Tip dialog to be modeless so that it doesn't hang zMUD
  • Fixed expression parser so that addition of negative numbers works propely (adds rather than concats)
3.52 (beta)
  • Fixed #ALIAS command (was swapped with #ALARM) in 32-bit version
  • Added more detailed debug messages to track down connection GPF
3.51 (beta)
  • #MESS window no longer takes focus away from command line
  • The Delete button now works again in the Directions dialog
  • When you release the mouse button when selecting text, the text is still automatically copied to the clipboard, but the text now remains highlighted so that things like the Print Selection will work.
  • Links to the Command and Function wizards have been fixed so that pressing F1 after entering the name of a command or function should now point to the proper entry in the wizard
  • #ALL and *: (or just :) now only send commands to all of the main character windows. Subwindows created using #WIN and #CAPTURE are not disturbed.
  • The Max memory limit in Preferences/Memory is now recognized and can be used to prevent the scroll buffer from growing to large
  • The Empty command now resets the memory used by the scroll buffer to the minimum setting
  • Various fixes to prevent zMUD from entering the smooth scroll mode that caused slow line-by-line scrolling to occur
  • Commands used after #PROMPT are now executed properly.
  • Ctrl-U now clears the command input line
3.5 (beta)
  • Rewrote connection logic to fix GPFs and prevent zMUD from making multiple connections
  • Fixed problems with Save function that caused corrupted settings files
  • Added %addmember, %delmember, %ismember list manipulation functions
  • Added #FORALL looping function for lists
  • Added status window and #STW command
  • Added %trigger function to text to see if class is enabled
  • Settings files now loaded with subwindows based upon window name
  • Subwindow locations and sizes now saved with primary window setting file
  • Fixed bug so that var="abc 123" now works properly
  • Fixed various links in command wizard
  • Added Function Wizard to help menu
  • Added a clock to the button bar
  • Added #MESS command and popup message window
  • Added #SUB command to substitute text matched by triggers
  • Added Empty command to Window menu to clear the window and scrollback contents
  • Added %cr function to insert a newline
  • Added %ansi function to set color of text
  • Updated help file!!!!!
3.41 (beta)
  • Recompiled with the new WinSock library to remove May 1st timebomb
3.4 (beta)
  • 32-bit scrollback (output window and editor) can now go up to 4MB
  • Multiple words in line are now highlighted by #CW
  • Added command wizard. Press F1 to see it (if you have no macro assigned to F1)
  • Rewritten command and function parsing based upon parse table stored in ZMUD.DAT
  • Clear screen command (^L) scrolls the screen up
  • Highlight color can now be changed in the color dialog
  • Color dialog uses fewer resources
  • Screen automatically freezes when you select something with the mouse
  • When you release the mouse button, the selected text is automatically copied to clipboard
  • Various settings dialogs now indicate whether item is being inherited from parent settings file. You can also now properly change something that is inherited (like macro keys)
  • Fixed a minor problem with {a|b|c} pattern syntax
  • Fixed problem with highlighted color syntax
  • Macros with ~ at end now expand any variables in them
  • Fixed right-click on tick menu in 32-bit version
  • Fixed look of buttons in 32-bit version
  • Fixed crash on exit problem (once and for all!)
  • %selword in right-click menu now expands
  • You can now deactive color syntax in color preferences
  • #TAB command works again
  • Removed debug from Send command in editor and from #LOOP command
3.32 (beta)
  • Fixed problem with #color not coloring last character in line
3.31 (beta)
  • Fixed GPFs when defining triggers while MUD was scrolling
  • Added Copy buttons to various dialogs like alias, trigger, etc
  • Fixed problem with multiple reconnect dialogs
  • Fixed problem with reconnect hanging when it got to 1
  • Can now "chain" macro keys. If you assign "open door ~" to one key, you can press it, followed by pressing a key with "north" assigned to it in order to send "open door north" to the MUD.
  • Fixed problem when making a new alias, then switching away, then getting garbage in alias dialog
  • Position of settings dialogs (alias, trigger, etc) now saved and the Keep on Top button is now saved properly
  • Fixed Lock Pattern button in trigger dialog
  • Once screen is frozen, you can now use arrow keys in addition to PgUp/PgDn to scroll
  • Macros assigned to arrow keys and pgup/dn no longer interfer with operation of these keys while screen is frozen
  • Fixed "Socked not open" problem
  • Filter used in Connection wizard now saved
  • Most listboxes in dialogs (alias, trigger, etc) now have a right-click menu
  • Bad problems in Command editor fixed...screen now updates properly, and files are read in properly without hanging
  • Added toggle to use new color syntax from command editor when sending text from editor to mud
  • Shift-arrow keys now highlight again in editor
  • Child windows created with #CAPTURE can now grow larger than 4k bytes without clearing as they are supposed to
  • Position of right-click menu when window not maximized fixed
  • Added Close button to character database dialog
  • Fixed #SAVE command
  • Erasing text in Direction Code dialog no longer causes GPF
  • Disappearing window list in window menu fixed
3.3 (beta)
  • Fixed problem in feedback dialog that sent mail to the wrong place
  • Redid network connection handling to remove more hangs during reconnect, multiple reconnect windows, and dropped text.
  • You can now enter the syntax for sending color commands to your MUD in the Color settings dialog. This works for the Highland MUD, but hanvt tried others. If you can't use your MUD's color syntax, email me the help file for your MUD's color syntax so I can improve it. In the meantime, check the highlands.mud setting file for an example. Then try copying colored text from the output window and pasting it into your command line.
  • Fixed problem that caused buttons in one window to be messed up by other windows
  • Added #TZ command. It resets the tick timer without changing its duration
  • Fixed problem with incorrect WinSock version messages again
  • Fixed "error getting # bytes" problem
  • You can now assign commands to the up/down arrow keys
  • Added a Find command (^F) to search the scrollback buffer for text. Also works in the command editor.
  • Added printing functions. Can print entire buffer, current screen, or selected text. Supports color printers. ^P can be used as a shortcut for this (The Parse command is now ^R). Printing also available in command editor.
  • TickOn status now saved in settings file
3.23 (beta)
  • Autowrap updates after font change
  • Sensitivity of mouse when clicking on window (causing spurious highlighting) fixed
  • Changed infinite loop detection
  • User's email addr saved
  • Sending text from command editor should no longer GPF
  • Fixed hang on reconnect I think...let me know if you still find it (its hard to reproduce for me)
  • Fixed problem that caused scrollbars to get stuck sometimes
  • Settings file directory no longer disturbed by Importing
  • ~~ now works at the end of line as expected
  • GPF when editing variables or aliases from button dialog fixed
  • win: for communicating with other windows fixed
  • copy/paste in Command editor fixed a few GPFs
3.22 (beta)
  • Fixed bug that prevented highlighting of text when output buffer reached 64k.
3.21 (beta)
  • Finished work on Preferences dialog by removing Tab Completion and Sounds to their own windows.
  • Added Memory dialog to Preferences to monitor and adjust memory allocation settings for windows
  • Max scrollback size increased from 32k bytes to 64k bytes
  • Can now adjust number of commands saved in command history. Default is still 20, but can be set to almost anything now
  • Fixed hang when reconnecting to the MUD
  • Fixed Reverse button in Speedwalk dialog that stored the reversed path in your settings file. Sorry for any paths that were messed up by this bug.
  • The "Stick Pin" button in the upper-right corner of various settings dialogs now works and tells Windows to keep that dialog on top of all other windows.
  • Fixed Cut/Paste problem in Command Buffer editor that unhighlighted text whenever the Ctrl button was pressed.
  • Importing settings from a MUD file no longer messes up your colors
  • Added Variable Initialization values. The #VAR command now takes a third parameter which is the value to set the variable to when connecting. This allows you to keep the variables assigned to buttons in synch with any triggers you might have
3.2 (beta)
  • Removed 255 char limit from command History and some other dialogs
  • Main window size now saved in INI file
  • You can filter MUDs by type in the connection wizard
  • Fixed another few misc problems with triggers, aliases, etc disappearing
  • Added menu bar to trigger/alias/etc dialogs to allow easy switching between setting screens
  • Fixed problem with not saving the ANSI highlight flag
  • Added menu command for defining status bar
  • Ending a line with ~ will send the text without sending the CR/LF
  • Fixed more GPFs when disconnecting or quitting
  • Fixed bug that sometimes deleted character from database
  • Fixed problem that caused Feedback dialog to hang after sending email
  • Added option to turn of variable expansion within commands
  • Added option to turn of a=b variable assignment syntax
  • Added a simple multi-line editor to all command input controls
  • Moved Parse toggle to Settings menu where it belonged, added a ^P hotkey and provided visual feedback of current Parse setting
  • Creeping screen problem due to long lines fixed
  • Improved operation of highlighting text. Can now highlight text in command editor with shift-arrow keys
  • Added a right-click menu to the tick timer on the status bar
  • Added a cool Import Settings command that lets you import aliases, triggers, buttons, etc interactively from other settings files.
  • Added a Speed Menu. Click the right button to define a menu. You can set an action to trigger when you double-right click. You would not believe how long it took me to kludge this so that double-right click works properly!!!
  • Added %selword and %selline variables that return the word or line that was clicked on. This is great for the Speed Menu where you can define an action to be 'kill %selword'. If you make this the default action, double-right click on the name of a person and the command 'kill person' will be sent! Very cool!
  • Last, but not least, created a new graphic for the opening screen so that nobody could sue me for stealing the old knight picture off the Internet. The new graphic was designed by your's truely :)
  • Oh yes, wasted days and days trying to figure out Delphi 2.0. Still don't have a working 32-bit WinSock library.
3.14 (beta)
  • Fixed problems with Trigger/Alias/Macro/etc dialogs that sometimes caused scrambling. These dialogs also now track the current character screen better.
3.13 (beta)
  • Fixed various GPFs, including the ones that prevented zMUD from exiting.
  • Reduced memory requirement of connection wizard to eliminate "can't insert line" problem on Win 3.x systems.
  • Fixed palette of background graphic on 256 color systems
  • Fixed problems with Trigger and Alias dialog that caused entries to be overwritten
  • Fixed Cut/Paste commands so that they work in dialogs
  • Alt-key menu commands in Command Editor now activate local menu instead of main menu
  • Fixed problems with Triggers that started with parenthesis
  • New Character Database file format (MUDCHAR.DAT) shrinks file by factor of 5 or so, and speeds up the Character dialog some more.
  • Start Recording button in speedwalk dialog fixed
  • Export now properly exports variables
  • Feedback dialog in Help menu now active
3.12 (beta)
  • *Really* fixes the slowness of the character database
3.11 (beta)
  • Fixes GPF in Load, Save, SaveAs options, and the GPF that prevented zMUD from exiting sometimes. also speeded up the character database dialog.
3.1 (beta)
  • New character database dialog, macro dialog, color preferences dialog. Added directions to Speedwalking dialog, along with Slow Walking settings. Dialogs are now modeless, meaning that you can display the Aliases and Triggers dialogs at the same time, etc.
  • New Alarm triggers. See #ALARM in online help.
  • New Expression triggers. Execute after each line is received from MUD and evaluates the pattern expression. If true, the action is executed. Use #TRIGGER (exp) {action} syntax, or dialog box to define them.
  • Improved auto-login to handle MUSH/MOO logins and no longer causes your MUD to disconnect when trying to use a new character on an existing MUD.
  • Lines in scripts starting with ## are treated as comments
  • Added #SESSION command
  • Added command line parameters. You can give zMUD the name of a script file to open and execute, or the ID of a character in the character database to immediately connect to.
  • #RECORD command for recording aliases
  • Font styles (like bold, italic) are now saved
  • ESC can be used to abort a slow-walk routine
  • Fixed garbage that sometimes appeared in windows from #CAPTURE command
  • New Tip of the Day dialog (still needs to be populated with tips though)
  • #CONNECT and #DISCONNECT commands
  • #MENU command allows you to execute any menu command from a script or trigger
  • Fixed problem with wrong window being closed when a background window disconnects.
  • Can now paste regular ASCII into command buffer from external apps
  • Added New/Delete buttons to Speedwalking dialog
  • Working offline no longer requires network connection
  • Fixed problem with aliases/variables/paths disappearing from the alias dialog
  • zMUD now handles Tabs, and ESC[C commands making it one of the fiew MUDs that now displays the Sojourn Dragon properly (with Terminal set as the output font)
  • Auto reconnect timer added to quit dialog
  • Fixed problem with "# bytes in receive buffer" error.
  • Added a credits dialog to the About screen for people who donate money :)
  • Fixed updating of status line
  • Fixed problem adding words to tab completion list
  • If you put the quote character (~) at the end of a macro, the CR/LF will be surpressed at the end of the macro, and the macro text will just be pasted into the command buffer.
  • Better handling of IP address lookup
  • Fixed bug in #LOOP command
  • Improved the handling of Inherited Settings files. See the README.TXT file.
  • Changed the button names in the Save Settings dialog
  • Added %selected variable to return the text currently selected in the output window or command buffer
  • Added ability to disable the NumLock activation (for laptops)
  • Doubled the size of the scrollback buffer (from 16k to 32k)
  • Added option to turn off parsing of command line
  • Lots of other little stuff (its been another busy few weeks!!)
3.05 (beta)
  • Fixes several GP Faults
  • Fixed problem with #LOOP command
  • Can now use a period (.) as the single character on the line
  • Fixed possible infinite loop hang with #CW command
  • Added Close button to reconnect dialog
  • Slow-walk command #OK now uses whatever yuor command character really is
  • Socket properly closed on disconnect
  • #gag no longer messes up scroll line count
  • Added sounds for connect and disconnect
  • Fixed background color palette on 256 color systems
  • Fixed double-clicking on character in database
3.0 (beta)
  • Completely rewrote memory and string storage routines
  • Removed 255 char limit from command line, aliases, triggers, buttons (command history still has limit though)
  • Put the button bar back into the MDI child window where it belongs. Button bar can now be moved to top, bottom, left, or right, or completely removed. Can now add more that 16 buttons, and only defined buttons are shown on bar.
  • New Trigger dialog allows you to test triggers
  • New Alias dialog
  • #CW command added to color specific words rather than entire lines. #COLOR and #HIGHLIGHT triggers now use #CW so that tintin importing works as expected. For example: #TRIGGER {Zugg} {#CW red} will color the word Zugg in a line red. Note that only the first occurence is currently colored.
  • Plugged many memory leaks
  • Increased nameserver timeout from 1 second to 5 seconds for people with modem links
  • Can now set word wrap to a specific number of columns. There is now word-wrapping in command editor also.
  • Fixed bugs with #TIMER and #TS commands
  • The ~ quote character can now be redefined
  • Ctrl-TAB switches between MDI windows
  • New #ECHO command is like #SAY except forces output to current window. (useful in triggers that might be running in hidden windows).
  • Can now easily work offline. Redid several dialogs to allow you to disconnect without closing the window, or to work on settings files offline.
  • Entering a string into the command line and pressing up-arrow is equivelant to entering !string and pressing tab. A combination of command history and tab completion.
  • After matching the first tab completion, pressing <TAB> again will find the next match.
  • Command editor now has new buttons for sending selected text, or sending the current line
  • Command history now has button to send command without closing history window
  • More control over scroll speed. New default is to update screen after every 5 lines (old default only updated when MUD stopped sending text).
  • '#PROMPT var pass' brings up prompt dialog but hides the text entered. Useful for prompting for passwords
  • Can now put a = at the beginning of a line
  • #TYPE and %grep are now case insensitive
  • If you have an alias that takes a parameter (e.g. #ALIAS b 'bash %1') it now works if you do not specify a parameter. (e.g. entering b sends 'bash' as expected).
  • Trailing spaces in speedwalking are now stripped
  • A REVERSE button was added to the speedwalking dialog.

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