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zExplorer is database and mapping utility for online games. Maps are compatible with zMapper.  Currently, Lord of the Rings Online, Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings, Horizons, and Star Wars Galaxies are supported, with more games to be added in the future.  Compatible with proxy servers and firewalls, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista. BUY Download
NOTE: zExplorer and AC Explorer Pro share the same license and registration code.  If you have already purchased AC Explorer, you do not need to purchase zExplorer.  Your license will work for both products, so this is a FREE UPGRADE for existing AC Explorer users!
NOTE:  Real-time tracking and terrain-specific path finding is not yet implemented in zExplorer.  Because of this, you should continue using AC Explorer Pro for Asheron's Call 1.
Feature Description

User Interface

An easy to use graphical interface.
Supports Multiple Games
Supports several online game worlds, including Lord of the Rings Online, Asheron's Call 2, Horizons, Star Wars Galaxies.  Can be customized to point to additional map servers of your own (Guild servers, for example)

Comprehensive Database

You can add locations to the database, add notes about locations, and even post reports about locations that are incorrect.  A User Rating system allows us to track who is posting good data, and who is posting bad.  Users who post quality data can become moderators of the database.  Free PHP/MySQL scripts are available for hosting your own map database.
Detailed maps

Detailed city maps are included.  Various trainers, mission terminals, vendors, buildings, etc are shown.  As with the rest of the map, you can add your own locations.  You can continuously zoom from looking at a single building to looking at the entire world using the scroll wheel on the mouse.
Find Shortest Route between locations
Fast algorithm for computing the shortest path between locations.  Takes into account portals within the game.

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Allows you to search the entire database using keywords.  Great for finding those Banderling hunting areas.
Support for Multiple Game Worlds
Each map location can be designated as available on All worlds, or on just specific worlds (for player cities, for example).
Database Updating Built-in Update command downloads the latest version of the database from the server, so you are always up to date.


zExplorer uses optimized graphic algorithms for fast display in any zoom mode
FREE Trial zExplorer is $20 US, but has a 30-day free trial evaluation.
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP A 32-bit version developed and tested for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista. 

Version History

5.00 7-Jun-2007 (PUBLIC release)
  • Added support for Lord of the Rings Online
  • Added ability to handle huge maps (special *.DAT image file format)
  • Added memory buffer size limit setting to Options
  • Added feature to drag map with left mouse button to pan the map (can be disabled in Options menu)
  • Updated user interface to use Windows XP components
  • Fixed problems with deleted locations not being deleted
  • Fixed problems preventing users from logging into the server database to add locations
  • Added "Add location here" feature to the right-click menu when in Edit mode
  • Moved the help file to the web site to get rid of out-dated *.HLP file formats
  • Now saves the previous map origin and selected item between sessions
  • Added option to Search panel to allow searching note text
  • Added fields in the Report Problem screen to specify the corrected location or icon type
  • Added support for room types to have a text style to always display the room label
  • Added support for outline colors for text styles
  • Added support for portal cost values for shortest path calculations
  • The order of room types in the Show menu can now be specified in the INI file
  • Added Portals edit screen to Edit menu
  • Fixed problem with description field getting double-spaced
  • Fixed problem with Notes being downloaded losing their newlines
4.20 13-Sep-2005 (PUBLIC release)
  • Removed eLicense copy protection and replaced with custom copy protection.
4.16a 19-Jan-2004 (PUBLIC Release)
  • Fixed flipped Y coordinate in Horizons.
4.16 13-Jan-2004 (PUBLIC Release)
  • Flipped coordinates in SWG and fixed the N/S display on map
  • Added zone pulldown list to toolbar
  • Fixed Nearby list so that it only displays locations in the current zone and proper server
  • Fixed problem with selecting a server from list causing location icons to disappear
  • Added Markers for Horizons and SWG
  • Added Portal Commands to View menu and right-click menu, and to route finding algorithm.
  • Added Help file
  • Updated menu component to fix some drawing issues on WinXP.
  • Added some new icons to SWG
  • Using Update Datafiles now properly downloads the zone and server ID for each location.  Use Update Datafiles on SWG to get updated locations corrected.
4.15a 2-Jan-2004 (BETA Release)
  • Fixed problem with "child" room types not appearing in pulldown menu in Edit panel
4.15 2-Jan-2004 (BETA Release)
  • Fixed problem with JPeg map background on some Win2000 systems
  • X,Y coordinates are reversed and displayed as X,Y instead of Lat/Long on games without N/S coordinates
  • Server field now defaults to <All> when adding a new location
  • Double-clicking on a location now properly re-centered map on that location
4.14 19-Dec-2003 (BETA Release)
  • Fixed problem with Find Route not working
  • Added Lock button to Edit tab to unlock map so that objects can be moved via the mouse
  • Fixed tab order of fields in Edit tab
  • When clicking New, the Name field is given keyboard focus and the Kind field is set to the kind of the previous room.
4.13 15-Dec-2003 (BETA Release)
  • Fixed problem added new items to a multi-zone map
  • Fixed problem publishing locations to remote database
  • Fixed problem with publishing notes
  • Fixed problem with handling deletions when updating database
4.12 14-Dec-2003 (BETA Release)
  • Added support for Star Wars Galaxies
  • Fixed problem causing Update Datafiles to always update all records from database
  • Added "Parent Zone" button for sub zone maps
  • Added support for hierarchical zones
  • Added support for multiple game servers
4.11 8-Dec-2003 (Internal Release)
  • Compatible with zMapper 1.21
4.10 27-Aug-2003 (BETA Release)
  • Compatible with zmap_server map database server scripts
  • Now supports adding Notes to the map database
  • Supports editing your own locations and notes, and deleting your own locations and notes
  • Implemented the User Rating system
  • Added the Report function to report problems with other locations or notes
  • Uses latest zMapper code for faster map operations
  • Speeded up the Show menu to avoid extra database queries
  • Added Remove Marker to right-click menu
  • Coordinate values are now shown in Route list
  • Fixed various bugs in displaying a route on the map while in the Route tab
  • Delete Markers now updates display properly
4.01 4-Oct-2002 (Public Release)
  • Fixed problem on database server that was causing locations to be rounded
  • Can now enter N/S E/W into coordinate fields
  • Added mousewheel support.  Holding middle mouse button (mousewheel) allows mouse to pan the map.  Mousewheel zooms in and out.
  • Display of portal exit coordinate is now correct
  • You can now publish updated locations.  Although you can't yet publish the exit coordinates for a portal until AC-Atlas2 adds that function to their database.
  • Searching based on date now works
  • Portal line of selected portal now always shown
  • Added Copy location to clipboard to right-click menu
  • Added Copy List to right-click menu
  • Fixed the right-click menu for the Nearby, Route, and Search lists
  • Nearby list now updated properly when you click on a location 
4.00a 24-Sep-2002 (BETA release)
  • Fixed "User Authentication error" in Update/Login
  • Updated game list down downloaded as the previous game list is displayed, rather than waiting till after a game is selected.
  • Added files for Asheron's Call 1.
4.00 23-Sep-2002 (BETA release)
  • Initial release of zExplorer
  • AC Explorer 3.33 converted to use the zMapper database format
  • Added support for Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings