Edit Character (Character Information)

Your MUD character has many properties that can be edited. On this screen you can edit your character name, password, ID, and comments.


The tab control along the top of this window allows you to also edit your MUD information, Files information, and Notes information.

The Name and Password fields contain the name and password of your character on the MUD server. You usually enter this information when you log into the MUD. The first time you connect to a MUD, these fields will be blank and the MUD will ask you to create a character and specify a password. The next time you log into the MUD and manually enter your name and password, zMUD will detect this and will automatically fill in these fields in this database screen and will create a trigger to automatically send this information to the MUD the next time you log in.

Make sure you do not set these values to blank if you have an autolog trigger activated. If zMUD sends a blank value to your MUD, the MUD will usually disconnect you.

zMUD stores your character password in encrypted form. If you ever forget your password, connect to your character Offline, then go into the Preferences and turn off the Gag Password option, then type

#SHOW %pass

on the command line and your password will be displayed. zMUD normally deletes any line that contains your password, so you should make your password something the MUD will not normally display.

The Comment field is used to enter a short reminder to yourself about this character. It can be used for any purpose you want.

This database screen also shows the date and time you last connected to the character along with the total amount of real time you have been connected to the character on the MUD.


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