Command Reference

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Each command should be preceded by the Command character. The default command character is # but can be changed in the Preferences dialog. You can abbreviate each command using the letters shown in boldface.

Loop Structures

#number repeat following text number times
REPEAT repeat commands a given number of times
LOOP execute command several times in a loop
FORALL loop through a string list and execute command for each item
UNTIL execute commands until expression is true
WHILE execute command while expression is true
LOOPDB loops through key values in a database record
LMAP loop through rooms on the map
ABORT abort further parsing of the current loop or program block


IF perform a conditional test
CASE select a command from a list

Create/modify settings items

ACTION create or display a trigger action
TRIGGER create or display a trigger action
ALARM create an alarm trigger
TEMP create a temporary trigger
ONINPUT create a command input trigger
ALIAS create or display an alias
GALIAS create a global alias
RECORD record an alias
PATH save or display the current path
VARIABLE assign a value to a variable
GVARIABLE assign a value to a global variable
FUNCTION create a user-defined function
MATH perform complex math and expression parsing
ADD add a value to a variable
BUTTON trigger a button
GAUGE create a graphical gauge button
KEY define a macro key
STATUS set the definition of the status bar
STW set status window definition
TAB add word to tab completion list
RENAME rename an alias, variable or path
MENU add a speed menu item
DIR add a direction setting
EDIT edit a given setting

Remove settings items

UNALIAS remove an alias
UNBUTTON remove a button
UNCLASS removes a class
DELCLASS removes a class and deletes settings
UNKEY remove a macro key
UNTRIGGER remove a trigger
UNVAR remove a variable
UNMENU remove a speed menu item
UNDIR remove a direction setting
UNTAB remove a word from the tab list
KILLALL delete all aliases, macros, trigger actions, tab-completion words

Trigger related commands

COLOR change color of the last line of text
CW color the matched word on the last line
HIGHLIGHT highlight the last line of text
GAG remove last line from screen
UNGAG prevent the line from being gagged
GAGON turn on gagging of text
GAGOFF turn off gagging of text
GAGBLOCK gag a block of text
SUBSTITUTE replace matching text
T+ turn on a class of triggers
T- turn off a class of triggers
CLASS enable or disable a class
SETPROMPT capture values from the MUD prompt

Tick Timer

TIMER toggle the timer
TS set the time or origin of the timer
T? display time remaining in timer
TZ zero the tick timer

File Commands

FILE open a file for reading and writing
READ read and execute a script from a file, or read a record from a file
WRITE write a record to a file
ERASE erase a file from the disk
RESET reset the file back to the beginning.
CLOSE close a file
SEND send a text file to the MUD prefixed by a command
TYPE display all or part of a text file to the screen
LOG start a log file or toggle logging

Debugger Commands

BREAK causes a breakpoint, which stops execution of script and loads the debugger
WATCH adds an expression to the debugger Watch List
UNWATCH removes an expression from the debugger Watch List

Automapper commands

CONFIGURE change the configuration of the mapper
NODIR remove last direction from mapper queue
NOMAP prevent the matched line from being parsed by the mapper
OK confirm a mapper movement
DOOR create a door on the map
MAKEROOM create a new room on the map
MERGE merge rooms on the map together
MOVE move a direction on the automapper
TELEPORT teleport to a location on the map
LOOK reload description of current room on map
FIND find current location on map
RECALL teleport to recall location on map
WALK speedwalk to a marked location on the map
LMAP loop through rooms on the map
TAG override the normal automapper detection
DESCRIBE displays the room name, description, and exits

Speedwalking commands

MARK mark the beginning of a path
PATH save or display the current path
MAP add a direction to the current path
BACKUP remove last direction from current path
RETRACE retrace a path
SLOW execute a path in Slow Walk mode
STEP resume an aborted Slow Walk and step ahead
STOP abort a Slow Walk
OK confirm a Slow Walk step
PAUSE pauses a Slow Walk

Window/Multiplaying commands

SAY echo text to the screen
SHOW echo text to the screen
ECHO echo string to current MUD window
SEND send text to the MUD
SAYPROMPT echo text without newline
SHOWPROMPT echo text without newline
ECHOPROMPT echo text to current window without newline
SENDPROMPT send text to the MUD without a newline
NAME change the name of the current window
WINDOW open a new window
CLOSE close a window
ALL send a command to all windows
CAPTURE capture lines and send them to the editor or a window
C+ start capturing to a window
C- stop capturing to a window
CLR clear the screen
WRAP set word wrapping
FREEZE split the screen to view scrollback
CR send a new line
MXP send a line to the screen containing MXP commands.

User interface I/O

MESSAGE display a message in a small window
PROMPT prompt for the value of an alias/variable
PICK select commands from a list
YESNO Display a confirmation dialog with buttons

Sounds and external applications

BEEP beep the speaker (or play a wave file)
PLAY play a wave, midi, avi, cd player, or other multimedia
MEDIA send commands to your multimedia device
LAUNCH launch another application
COM execute a method of a COM object
URL open URL in your Web Browser
DDE send a DDE macro to a server.
PLUGIN load and unload plugins in memory

Scripting GUI features

MENU execute a menu command
VERBATIM toggle parse mode
IGNORE toggle the processing of trigger actions
HISTORY display the history of previous commands
H+ retrieve the next command in the history buffer
H- retrieve the previous command in the history buffer
INPUT put text into the command buffer
SCROLL display matching lines in scrollback buffer

Session and Character settings

SESSION open a new session
CONNECT reconnect to the current session
DISCONNECT disconnect from the current session
CHARACTER returns the name of your character
PW return your current password
HOST return the name of the current host

Settings and Special Characters

LOAD load a settings file
SAVE save the current settings file
DEFAULT save special characters and reset them to defaults
NODEF restore special chars saved with #DEF

String List Commands

ADDITEM adds an item to a string list
DELITEM deletes an item from a string list
DELNITEM delete the nth item from a string list

Database Variable Commands

ADDKEY adds a keyword and property to a database record
DELKEY deletes a keyword from a database record
SHOWDB displays a database record
LOOPDB loops through key values in a database record

Database Commands

DBLOAD opens a database
DBCLOSE closes a database
DBSAVE saves a database
VIEW sets or defines a database view
FIND filters the database view to find items
QUERY filters the database view to find items
DBRESET resets the view filters
DBGET sets the current database record to a given record
DBPUT stores new values in a database record
DBFIRST sets the current record to the first in the view
DBNEXT sets the current record to the next in the view
DBPREV sets the current record to the previous in the view
DBDELETE deletes a record in the database
LOOPVIEW loop through records in a view
NEW create a new database record
DBOFFLINE work in editor without effecting user interface
DBONLINE work in editor and effect user interface


ABORT abort further parsing of the current command line
WAIT delay further processing until next line is received
NOOP nothing
EXEC execute a command
EVAL evaluate an expression

Leftover TinTin compatibility

VERSION display the current version of zMUD
WIZLIST display the credits for zMUD
HELP get help on commands