Configuring the Mapper

Because every MUD is different, it is impossible to pre-configure zMUD to automatically start mapping the MUD you play. Before you can start using the mapper, zMUD must learn how your MUD displays rooms as you walk around the MUD. zMUD makes extensive use of the exit information displayed by a MUD. Because of this, make sure you have turned on any option or flag necessary on your MUD to see the exits from a room.

The automapper is intimately tied with the Direction codes used by the speedwalking module. If you are not using the standard DEFAULT.MUD default settings file that is supplied with zMUD, make sure you edit your Direction Codes (View/Directions menu) so that they are tied to the proper map directions. If you donít know what this means, assume you are using the proper default file and continue reading.

To configure the mapper, make sure you are connected to your MUD, then open the Automapper from the Windows menu, or click the Map button on the main toolbar. A blank map window will be opened. Click the Map Mode button in the mapper tool bar to begin creating a map. Since the mapper has not yet been configured for your MUD, the Auto Configuration window will appear.

You can configure the mapper two different ways: Auto Configure (recommended), Manual Configure (only for those who know what they are doing).

Auto Configure


Automatic configuration of the mapper is the default. In the box provided, enter a command to move you in some direction out of the current room you are in. For example, enter north, south, east, or west depending upon the exits for the current room. After you have entered this command, click the Next button. The movement command you entered will be sent to the MUD and the text displayed by the MUD is captured by the mapper configuration wizard. If you are on a slow connection or slow MUD and the wizard doesn't wait long enough to receive the full room description, click the Back button and increase the delay time on the main screen. Keep trying until you get a clean capture of a room.

A clean capture is indicated by the screen that displays the output received from the MUD and highlights the detected room name, description, and exits in colors. If the configuration wizard did not properly detect this information, try capturing another room by clicking the Back button and trying again. If the wizard cannot properly detect the room information automatically, you may be able to configure the mapper manually, but you will likely have trouble with the mapper.

Manual Configuration

You should always try auto configuration first and only resort to manual configuration if absolutely necessary. There are many combinations of parameters for the mapper, and with manual configuration it is easy to set the mapper so that it doesn't work at all. Only advanced users should attempt to configure the mapper manually. For detailed information on how the mapper works and how to manually configure it or manually change the parameters detected by the auto configure wizard, go to the Manual Mapper configuration section.

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