Creating a Character

To create a new character, click the New button from the welcome dialog, or select the Open option from the File menu. The Character Database dialog will be displayed. zMUD keeps track of all of your MUD characters in this database. To start with, the database will be empty. To create a new character, click the New button.


The New Character dialog has several fields for you to enter data. The cursor is initially placed in the Host field. Enter the Internet host name or IP address of the MUD you want to connect to. Then press the <TAB> key and enter the Port number of the MUD you want to play.

Alternatively you can just select a MUD from the list displayed at the left. This list comes from the MUD Connector at To update your list in zMUD, click the Download MUD List button along the button and the new list will be retrieved from the MUD Connector if you are connected to the Internet.

Now, if you want to connect to the MUD, just click the Connect button.

If you want to edit other information for this New character, click the Save button and then the Edit button.

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