Syntax: #DE [special-char-string]
Related: #NODEF

Saves your current special characters on the stack and sets the defaults. This is useful at the beginning of a script to make sure standard parse characters are used while reading the script. Use the #NODEF command at the end of the script to restore the characters.

A string can be given as an argument to specify the new values of the special characters. This is a 9 character string which must be enclosed in quotes. Each character in the string represents one of the special characters. To leave the character as the default, you can use the x character as a placeholder. The characters are:

1      Command Char (#)
2      Separator Char (;)
3      Variable Char (@)
4      History Char (!)
5      Parameter Char (%)
6      Movement Char (.)
7      Focus Char (:)
8      Quote Char (~)
9      Must be a space at the end

DEFAULT example

Saves your special characters and restores the defaults
#DEF {xx$xxxxx }
Saves your special characters, then restores defaults, then sets the Variable char (3rd char in string) to $.