Syntax: #FIN string [view column SupressOutput]

Searches for matching records in the current view of the database. Records whose first column contains the string are displayed. If the first column is a Number field, the string must be a number and only records that match exactly are displayed. If View is present, it is a string list whose first item is the name of the View to query. The optional second item of the list is the name of the Database to query. Column is the name of the column to query instead of the first column. It can be the name of a column or a column number (starting with 1). If SupressOutput is present and non-zero, no output is displayed to the screen.

In the second command format (without parameters), it finds the current location on the map. Issues the MUD Look command and compares the current MUD room description with the map database and sets the map location to the matching room.

FIND examples

#FIND blue Potions

Displays all of the records in the Potions view whose first column contains the string "blue".


Same as using the Find command in the mapper menu.