zMUD has unique features for both beginning MUD players, as well as for power wizards builders and coders accustom to clients like TINTIN. Don't be fooled by imitations; zMUD is the most standards-based and feature-rich MUD client available, with over 25,000 registered users, worldwide. Here is a list of major features:


MUD Sound Protocol
Support for the MUD Sound Protocol (MSP) allows the MUD to trigger sound effects and background music. zMUD can play up to 16 sounds at the same time as the background music and can chain multiple sound effects together.
MUD Extension Protocol
Supports the MXP markup language, which, similar to HTML and XML, allows your to add rich content to your MUD screen.
MUD Client Compression Protocol
Supports the compression protocol, allowing you to play even faster than ever.
full ANSI color support, and cursor support. Colors are user-configurable.
full VT100 terminal emulation, including cursor movement and scrolling regions. Great for MUDs with status lines
Works in both line-based MUD mode as well as character-based Telnet mode. You can use zMUD to log into your Internet Providerís UNIX shell account. Supports Terminal Type, NAWS, and many other telnet options.
Proxy Support
Compatible with the SOCKS proxy standard. Can also be used with dedicated Telnet proxy servers.
90% compatibility with TINTIN and TINTIN+ text-based clients. Includes a TINTIN++ script importing and conversion facility.
Windows Compatible
developed and tested on Windows 2000. Also tested and supported on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT 4.0.


Automatic Mapping
Create a graphical map as you walk around the MUD. zMUD was the first MUD client to include this feature, and is still the only client that supports mapping on any MUD. The map handles 8 standard directions plus custom teleport directions, doors, multiple levels, one-way links, room colors, multiple zones, custom labels, and much more. Double click on a room and it will automatically speedwalk you to the room from wherever you are using the shortest path!
User-defineable database for storing information on equipment, monsters, other players, etc. Can be queried and scripted from the command line, or you can use the powerful GUI interface.
User-definable button bar for executing commands, keeping track of character status, or controlling your character.
Special gauge buttons allow you to visually monitor any variable or condition.
Connection Wizard
Uses the master MUD list from the MUD Connector to make it easy to browse all the MUDs on the Internet. Over 1000 MUDs in the list! You can easily update this list, or add your own entries to it.
Character Database
Keeps a database of all of your MUD characters, and detailed notes for each one. Uses an Explorer-like interface to make it easy to select the character you want to play.
Supports multiple characters in multiple windows and methods to send commands to different windows. Can also capture text and send it to a secondary window. Window captions can be placed on the left side to provide the maximum number of text lines. Multiple windows can be docked together for the most flexible arrangement. Once you get the windows the way you want them, a simple Save Layout remembers your arrangement for next time.
Macro keys
assign text or commands to any key combination on the keyboard
assign text or commands to shortcut names to save typing
execute commands based upon patterns received from MUD. Sophisticated pattern matching functions are provided.
both text and numeric variables saved with your session
Built-in as well as user defined functions. zMUD contains a powerful programming language.
let you record directions to MUD locations, and even play them back in reverse. Called speedwalking in some clients. Path commands can be customized.
Spam protection
prevents you from sending the same string to the MUD too many times and being flagged a spammer
Allows you to trigger sounds, MIDI, movies, etc.
store commands in a text file and read them in as a script
Syntax checking and Debugging
A power syntax checker points out mistakes in your scripts. Then use the debugger to single-step through your scripts, or set breakpoints and watch variables.
Tab completion
allows you to enter long strings of text by typing the first few characters and then pressing <TAB> to fill in the rest. Shift-<TAB> recalls the last long word sent by the MUD that started with a given character.
command history of last commands with customizable storage limit
log your session to a file for review at a later time. Log file supports ANSI color
a built-in timer allows you to take control of ticks
Status line
customizable line shows the status of variables and triggers
colors, fonts, sounds, special characters can all be modified and saved.
Settings files
saves all settings (aliases, macros, etc). You can have a single settings file for several characters.
Online Help
extensive online help system provides both reference and examples. Context-sensitive command help is also a keystroke away.
Command Wizard
command and function wizards show zMUD programming syntax and help you create commands and functions
International Support
zMUD is designed to work with international keyboards, and non-English language MUDs. zMUD itself has been translated into many different languages. Check the www.zuggsoft.com web site for special versions for other languages.
Benchmarked against other Windows MUD and Telnet clients as the fasted scrolling client available.
provides both a GUI interface as well as a traditional command line interface. Output can be scrolled and word-wrapped, and window can be frozen to prevent unwanted scrolling, and splitscreen shows scrollback at same time as live text. Scrollback buffer can be as large as your computer's memory can hold.