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The following functions are defined within zMUD:



ansi return the ANSI codes for the given colors
btncol change the color of a button
btnimage change the image assigned to a button
color converts a descriptive color into an attribute value


ddeopen open a DDE connection to the specified server and topic
ddeclose close a DDE connection
dde fetch data from a dde server
ddemacro tell the specified dde server to execute the macro in s
ddepoke poke the data in value to a dde server


ismember return the word number if s is a member of the given string list, otherwise it returns zero (false)
additem add the string s to the specified string list. Duplicate items are allowed
delitem delete item s from the given string list. If there are duplicate items, only the first is removed
replaceitem replaces the nth item in a list
item returns the nth item of the given stringlist
numitems returns the number of items in a stringlist
dups return the list with duplicate items removed
sort returns the list with items sorted in alphabetical order

Database functions:

db returns the value of the key property of the given database record
iskey returns the key number if the key exists in the record, otherwise returns zero (false)
addkey add a key-value pair to a database record and return the modified record
delkey deletes a key property from the given database record and return the modified record
numkeys returns the number of keys in a database record
countlist count the number of times each item appears in a string list and return a database record with the items as key properties, and the count of each item as the value of the key
dbget retrieves a database record
find returns a list of records matching a query
query returns a list of records matching a query
viewrec returns the specified record from the view
numrec returns the number of records in a view

Database column functions:

sum return the sum of a column
average returns the average of a column times 100
stdev returns the standard deviation of a column times 100
dbmin returns the minimum of a column
dbmax returns the maximum of a column
count returns the number of non-empty cells in a column
dblist returns the column as a string list

String Manipulation:

len return the length of the string s
pos return the position of pattern p in string s. Return 0/false if not found
begins true if string s1 starts with string s2
ends true if string s1 ends with string s2
concat return all strings concatenated together (up to nine parameters)
copy return a portion of string s, starting at character position i, and returning n characters. Strings are 1-based.
delete return the string s with n characters starting at position I deleted.
remove Remove substring p from string s
insert return the string s with pattern p inserted at position I.
replace return s with all occurrences of p replaced with r
left return the leftmost n characters of the string s
leftback return the leftmost part of s, n characters from the end
right return the rightmost part of s following n characters
rightback return the rightmost n characters of the string s.
repeat return s repeated n times
trim trim spaces from beginning and end of s
trimleft trim leading spaces from s
trimright trim trailing spaces from s
numwords return the number of words in the string s delimited by the substring d. Default for d is a space.
word return the ith word of the string s delimited by substring d. Default for d is a space.
stripansi removes ANSI control codes from a string
nltocr converts newlines (CR/LF) to just CR characters
crtonl converts CR to newlines (CR/LF)

String Formatting:

upper return the string s in uppercase
lower return the string s in lowercase
proper convert s to proper case (lowercase except for first letter)
quote returns the string s with any special characters quoted with the current quote character
format use a format string to format the values of a,b,c, etc.
time return the current date/time.


array create an array
arrget get an element from an array
arrset set an array element to a value
arrhigh return the highest index of an array

String Formatting:

upper return the string s in uppercase
lower return the string s in lowercase
User Input:
prompt prompt the user for a value for the variable v.
pick display a picklist and let the user choose one or more strings from the list.
yesno Displays question in string s and returns true or false depending upon which button is clicked.
window return true if the named window is open

File I/O:

filesize returns the number of lines or number of records in the ith file (opened with the #FILE command)
grep search the ith file and return lines that match the pattern in s
read read the specified record from the ith file.
write write string s to the ith file at record rec.


abs return the absolute value of I
max return the maximum value of the parameters
min return the minimum value of the parameters
mod return a modulus b
sqrt returns the square root of a number
random return a random integer
bitand returns the bitwise AND of the two numbers
bitor returns the bitwise OR of the two numbers
bitxor returns the bitwise XOR of the two numbers
bitnot returns the bitwise inverse of the number

Dice functions

dice returns a random dice roll
dicemin returns the minimum possible dice roll
dicemax returns the maximum possible dice roll
diceavg returns the average roll of a dice times 100
dicedev returns the standard deviation of a dice times 100


if if expression is true, return the true-value otherwise return the false-value
case if I=1, return s1, if I=2, return s2, etc. Up to 8 strings can be given

Type checking and conversion:

defined returns true of s is a defined alias, variable, macro, or path
isnumber true if s represents a valid number
null return true if s is the null string
number convert a string to a number
ascii returns the ascii value of the first character of the given string
char return the ASCII character associated with the number I. This function is also used to translate the system characters (;:@%!.) to their current values if they have been changed.


comcreate creates a new COM object and returns it
comactive returns an existing COM object already running on the system
comget returns a property value for a COM object
comset sets a properly value for a COM object


alias expand the value of alias s
expand expand variables and functions with the string s
literal returns the parameters untouched by expansion or evaluation
numbuttons returns the number of defined buttons
trigger return true if the specified trigger class is enabled
clip return or set the text in the clipboard
exec executes arguments as commands and returns results separated by | character
eval evaluate parameter p as an expression and return the result
numparam returns the number of parameters passed to an alias
param return the nth parameter passed to an alias
getglobal return the value of global variable name (stored in the INI file)
setglobal set the value of the global variable name (stored in the INI file)
handle returns the Window handle number of the named window


charcomment set/retrieve the comments for the current character
charnotes set/retrieve the notes for the current character

AutoMapper functions:

lastdir Returns the current direction on the mapper command stack
look sets or returns the "look command" used by the mapper
numrooms Return the number of rooms in the current zone
roomname Return or set the name of the room to string s
roomdesc Return or set the description of the room to string s
mapvnum Converts an absolute room number to a virtual room number
roomnum Returns or set the virtual number of a room
roomcontents Returns or set the contents of a room
roomid Return or set the short name (ID) of the room to string s
roomcom Return or set the command assigned to the room to string s
roomcol Return or set the color of a room
roomnote Return or set the Notes of the room to string s
roomexit Return or set the exit string of the room to string s.
roomobj Return or set the number of objects in the room to i
roommob Return or set the number of mobs in the room to i
roomcost Return or set the cost of entering a room to i
roomkind Return or set the type of the room to i.
roomload Return or set the Reload flag of the room to i
roomflags Return or set the user-defined flags for a room
roomlink Return or set the link in direction dir to the room number i.
roomportal Return or set a non-standard exit (portal).
walk Return the speedwalk string needed to get to room i
walkmode Return or set the current speedwalk mode
numzones Return the number of zones in the map
zonename Return or set the name of the zone to string s
zonenum Return the number of a zone

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