Introduction to Mapping

The Shareware versions of zMUD have a mapping module built-in that allows you to create maps of your MUDs. These maps are interactive and in addition to simply giving you a visual picture of your MUD, allow you to speedwalk anywhere based upon room names, automatically opening doors while walking, and much more. Maps can also be printed for offline use. The automapper adds a whole new perspective on MUDding, both for new users as well as advanced users.

Here are some of the basic features of the mapper:

Automatic configuration of mapper for your specific MUD
Zones allow maps within maps. Each zone can be multi-level
Can speedwalk to a room by double-clicking on the map
Room names and descriptions (and exits) automatically captured from the MUD
Can automatically generate map (to some extent) as you walk around
Manual editing functions for tweaking the map
Handles multiple levels (up/down), along with all 8 normal directions (n.s,e,w,ne,nw,se,sw) and non-standard exits defined by the user.
Cost of room traversal can be adjusted to improve optimal speedwalking
Versatile parsing can handle many MUD formats
Can read map "templates" and link them into your own maps
Handles one-way exits for maze areas
Handles doors with auto-opening code during speedwalking
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Configuring the Mapper
     Manual Mapper Configuration
Creating a Map Automatically
Editing your Map
Using Zones
Speedwalking with the Map
Advanced Mapping
Overriding the Mapper
Room Scripts

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