Introduction to the Database

The Database module in zMUD allows you to keep track of all the equipment, monsters, players, and other items on your MUD. This powerful database allows you to find items quickly and add new items easily. It supports multiple databases and data import/export from external applications such as Excel. The database is also fully scriptable so you can even automatically capture the MUD output of an "identify" spell and create a new item in the database based upon the results. The database is also integrated with the zMUD Automapper so you can walk to the location of an object or monster on your MUD automatically.


Each MUD has thousands of unique items and unique properties for each item. It is impossible to automatically recognize your MUD's object format from within zMUD. Instead, you must first create a database for zMUD to use for your specific MUD. Several template databases are shipped with zMUD to get you started. Once your database is created, you then fill it with information about the objects from the MUD. You can do this by writing scripts to capture the output of "identify" commands, or you can enter the information manually, or you can import it from a text file or external application. Once you have the database filled with information you can then easily search for items quickly and use the database to help your MUD playing in many ways.

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Creating a Database
Database Views
Adding Data to a Database
Quick Filters
Programming the Database
Advanced Database usage

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