Macro Keys

This Settings Editor dialog page allows you to edit the properties of a keyboard Macro key.


The Key field gives the name of the key on the keyboard that the macro is assigned to. To change this key, just click on this field, then press the key combination to assign to this macro. The Value field contains the commands executed when the macro key is pressed.

Normally, text assigned to a macro is sent to the MUD immediately. To put the text in the command line and not send it immediately to the MUD, uncheck the Send to MUD option. Also, macro text placed in the command line normally replaces the current contents of the command line. To append the macro text to the command line instead, check the Append option. To allow this macro to chain with other macros on the command line, select the Daisy Chain option.

If the Style is set to Script, the syntax editor will check the syntax and report any errors. If the Style is set to Text, you can edit the macro commands without performing any syntax checking.

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