Map Zones

A map zone is like an area on your MUD. A zone can contain as many rooms on as many different levels as you want.

When you want to create a new zone, select the room (or rooms) you want to move to a new zone, and select Move Rooms to Zone from the edit menu. A list of current zones stored in the Master Map will be displayed.

You can move rooms to an existing zone by selecting the zone and clicking OK. Note that the rooms may not be displayed exactly where you want them so you will probably move the rooms around the zone when you are done.

From the zone list, you can also create a New Zone. Click the New Zone button and you will be prompted for the name of your new zone. As you enter the name of the zone, the filename to store the zone will be created automatically. Edit the filename as desired and click OK to create the new zones and move the selected rooms to that zone.

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