Opening and closing Databases

The #DBLOAD command will select a database as the current database, loading it from disk as necessary. There is no way to open a New database from the command line since the database structure must be designed interactively. This also means that there is no way to add or delete fields from the command line or otherwise change the database structure. For example, to open the Equipment Database described above, you would do #DBLOAD eq

The #DBSAVE command will save the current database to a new filename. This effectively allows you to rename a database since the first two characters of the filename is used as the scripting name of the database. If you do not specify a filename, the #DBSAVE command will save all currently open databases to their current filenames. This "save all" operation is also performed automatically every 5 minutes by default. This time interval can be changed in the Logging Preferences.

The #DBCLOSE command will close the specified database, or the current database if nothing is specified. If the database has been given a filename, it will be saved automatically unless the second parameter is non-zero in which case all changes since the last save will be discarded.

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