Quick Start

To get started quickly, click the New button in the main Character window. zMUD will read a list of MUDs contained in the MUDLIST.TXT file and display them on the left. Simply select your favorite MUD from this list, or enter the Hostname and Port of the MUD you want to connect to in the boxes. Then click the Connect button to save this character and connect to the MUD.

Connecting to a MUD

zMUD will attempt to connect to the MUD that you have selected. Once connected, the MUD will normally ask for your username, followed by your password. Once you have entered this information, zMUD will ask if you want to create an auto-login trigger for this MUD. If you select Yes, auto-login triggers will be created, and your character name and password will be saved to the character database. Be sure and save your settings file before you exit so that this login trigger will get saved.

Thatís all there is to it! You are now connected and playing a MUD. You can continue through this help section for more information to help you get started with zMUD.

Troubleshooting: If you have trouble connecting to a MUD and get the error message "canít lookup address", then you probably have an incorrect nameserver setup. Setting up a proper nameserver for your Internet connection is beyond the scope of this document, however, there is a work-around for this. When using the Connection Wizard, both the host name and the host address are displayed. If you are having trouble connecting to the name, simply click the USE button to use the address rather than the hostname. This will prevent zMUD from trying to look up the address from a nameserver. This will typically allow you to connect to the MUD. If the MUD administrators ever change the address of their machine, your connection will stop working until you enter the new address. Also make sure you are running network software that supports 32-bit programs. For example, if you are an AOL user, you must use AOL version 3.0 or higher with zMUD.

Sample Files

The full version of zMUD ships with several sample files designed to illustrate some of the things you can do with zMUD. Simply click the "Sample MUD" character icon in the main window, then click Offline. Do not click Connect...there is no actual MUD associated with the sample files.. A sample MUD window will open, along with a sample map and sample database file. You can explore the sample settings in this file to get ideas for triggers for your own MUD characters.

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