Tick Timer


This dialog allows you to easily manipulate the tick timer commands in zMUD. The current value of the timer (counting down to zero) is shown at the top. The timer can be started and stopped using the Start and Stop buttons. The Synch button is used when a tick on the MUD actually occurs. The current tick interval will be modified to reflect the actual tick on the MUD. Note that most tick intervals vary depending upon the lag on the MUD, so donít think this timer will save your life or anything. The Reset button resets the timer back to the tick interval.

The Tick interval can be set from this dialog to a given number of seconds. The Timeout Margin indicates the point at which the Timeout Command is executed. For example, if the Margin is 5, the Command will be executed when the timer reaches 5 seconds.

Normally when the Tick Margin is reached, a message is displayed to your screen telling you a tick is coming. You can disable this message by turning off the Display Tick Message option

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