Syntax: #VIEW Viewname [SortOrder Columns]
#VIEW [SupressOutput]

Modifies a current view or creates a new database view. The Viewname is the name of the view to modify or create. It only needs to match the beginning of the view name to work. For example, a name of "Weap" matches the "Weapons" view.

If the SortOrder is given, it is a string list of column names to sort by. If a - is added to the beginning of a column name, the sort order for that column is reversed. A Score formula can also be placed in this string list to sort based on a score. If the SortOrder is simply a minus sign (-) then all sorting for the view is removed.

Columns is a string list of column names to display in the view

In the second command format, the current view is re-sorted and re-filtered. If SupressOutput is missing or is zero, the view is displayed to the MUD output window.

VIEW Examples

#VIEW Weapons {-Hit|Name}

Sort the weapons view in reverse order of the Hit field and then by the Name field

#VIEW NewView {Name} {Name|Hit|Dam|Damage}

Create a new view called NewView that is sorted by Name and displays the fields Name, Hit, Dam, and Damage

#VIEW Weapons %literal(&Hit+&Dam)

Sort the Weapons view based upon the score formula &Hit+&Dam. Weapons with the large sum of Hit and Dam will be shown first. Notice the use of %literal to prevent the formula from being expanded before it is seen by the View command.


Resorts and re-filters the current view and displays it to the MUD window


Resorts and re-filters the current view but does not display it