Syntax: %btncol(button[,back,fore])

change the color of a button. If the color is not specified, the current button color attribute is returned. In place of back,fore you can also specify the same color attribute number that is returned.


Create a button:

#BUTTON 1 test test

Set the button color to green text on blue background

#NOOP %btncol(1,blue,green)

To display the button color (the result is 18 in this case):

#SHOW %btncol(1)

Or, set the color directly with a numeric color value. In this case, we add a text color of green, plus a highlight value, plus a blue background color together:

#MATH newcol %color(green)+%color(hi)+%color(0,blue)
#NOOP %btncol(1,@newcol)

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