Syntax: %comset(comvariable,propertyname,newvalue [,arguments])

Sets the specified property of a COM object. Use %comcreate to create the comvariable reference. If the property requires optional arguments, list them after the new value. Note that COM Properties are CASE SENSITIVE


#VAR Outlook %comcreate("Outlook.Application")
#VAR NameSpace %comget(Outlook, "GetNamespace", "MAPI")
#VAR Folders %comget(NameSpace, "Folders", "Personal Folders")
#VAR InBox %comget(Folders, "Folders", "InBox")
#VAR Msg %comget(InBox,"Items",1)#NOOP %comset(Msg,"Subject","This is a test")
#COM Msg Save

Retrieves the first email message in your InBox (stored in Msg). Then changes the Subject property of that message to "This is a test". Then, using the #COM command, the new message is saved.

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