Syntax: %prompt(d,s,p)

prompt the user for a value. d is the default value displayed in the prompt window. s is the optional string message to give to the user ("Enter a value" is used by default). And p, if present, indicates the character to echo instead of the characters typed (for example, use "*" to display asterisks when enter a password value).


amount=%prompt(500,"How many to sell?")
displays a dialog box with the default value 500, and assigns the number (or string) entered to the variable amount.
#SEND %prompt("","Enter password","#")
prompts for a password string, hides the input while typing, and sends it to the mud without displaying it in the output buffer.
NOTE: Since #SEND can also be used to send the contents of a file to the mud, this example won't work, if the password is identical to a filename in the zMUD directory.

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