Ordering zMUD Developer's Kit

Select one of the following methods to order the zMUD Developer's Kit.  Note that the zMUD Developer's Kit does NOT include a zMUD client license.   You have to purchase a zMUD client license separately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You only need to buy the Developer's Kit license if you plan to distribute your plugin to other users.  The Developer's Kit is free for personal use.

Order via PayPal by clicking the button on the left. Only Verified PayPal accounts can be used.  For the fastest registration, be sure and enter your Verified Shipping Address into the order form.  Orders without a verified shipping address will be processed manually, causing a 1-5 day delay in your registration.  Also, to decrease fraud, orders without a verified shipping address may be denied, depending upon your past PayPal account history.

Entering your Registration Code into the Developer's Kit

To register your zMUD Developer's Kit, you code your Registration Name and Registration Code into the RegisterPlugin routine.  zMUD calls this routine when loading plugins and will only load plugins that have valid registration information.   Your registration name will also appear in the About box for the plugin.  Note that it is a violation of copyright laws to use a registration code from another person.


IMPORTANT: Because the registration code for the zMUD Developer's Kit cannot be disabled, no refund is provided for this product.   Please be sure that this product meets your needs by downloading it and reading the documentation before purchasing it.