Versions of zMUD (v1.x)

[current] [v5.30-5.55] [v5.0-5.22] [v4.x] [v3.x] [v2.x] [v1.x]

Here is a list of changes made to each version of zMUD. The most current version of zMUD is listed first.

1.16 (beta)
  • Fixed problem with stuck scrollbars
  • Added #FREEZE and #CASE commands
  • Added predefined variables
  • Improved dialogs from Make Alias and Make Trigger commands
  • Added Quit option to lost connection dialog
  • Exiting zMUD now asks if you want to modify settings if they have changed since last save
1.15 (beta)
  • Fixed a minor bug in scrolling.
  • Fixed bug in triggers on long lines.
1.14 (beta)
  • Fixed bugs in scrolling.
  • Fixed GPF error.
  • Fixed bug in button bar updating.
1.13 (beta)
  • Improved speed of scrolling even more.
  • Fixed various tab ordering problems.
  • Sorted triggers in Preferences.
  • Sorted direction definitions in Preferences.
  • Added full expression parsing
  • Added #MATH command
1.12 (beta)
  • Fixed stack overflow runtime error when too much data was received.
  • Sorted characters in database in reverse order of last connect time.
  • Sorted alias list in Preferences.
  • Sorted macro key list in Preferences.
  • Added filtering of paths, variables, aliases to Preferences.
  • Triggers now properly handled for input lines greater than 80 characters.
1.11 (beta)
  • Added ability to change command input font.
  • Increased priority of keyboard input.
  • Increased priority of sending commands to the MUD.
  • Improved scrolling speed.
1.1 (beta)
  • Removed dependancy on Borland Database Engine
1.0 (beta) (Aug, 1995)
  • First version released to selected Wolverine beta testers

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