Pueblo emulation in zMUD

This document describes the emulation of the Pueblo protocol within zMUD.  It applies to zMUD versions 6.54 and later.

Because the MUD eXtension Protocol (MXP) contains most features of the older Pueblo MUD client, it is fairly straightforward to support Pueblo compatibility within an MXP-enabled client.  For documentation on the Pueblo protocol, see the Pueblo pages at SourceForge.  Here are the features of Pueblo emulation supported in zMUD:

zMUD will auto detect the "This world is Pueblo x.xx enhanced." where x.xx is the Pueblo version supported.  zMUD will respond with the
command to notify the MUD that Pueblo emulation is supported.
HTML Color
Both color names and #RRGGBB color values are supported
HTML Dialogs and <FORM>
Pueblo Plugins
Standard HTML elements
Most of the standard HTML elements are supported.  zMUD supports the "fgcolor" and "bgcolor" attributes of the <FONT> tag, which differ from MXP.  zMUD also supports the <IMG> tag (see details below).  As noted, <FORM> is not supported, and several of the heading tags, such as <h1>, <h2> ... and list tags <ul> <ol> <li> <dir> are ignored.  Also, in general, font sizes that cause the line to be taller should not be used in zMUD since the screen will not refresh the font outside the line correctly.
<IMG> tag
Inline images are fully supported.  The ISMAP attribute for image maps is also supported.  The xch_mode attribute is supported for changing the type of text stream to turn off HTML parsing.  The xch_sound attribute is supported and the sound command is converted to an MSP sound command within zMUD.
<xch_mudtext> tag
Supported for changing the text mode.
This attribute of the <A> tag is supported for specifying the mouseover hint
This attribute of the <A> tag is supported and converted to an MXP <SEND> tag.  Image maps within the <SEND> and <A> tags are fully supported.  The user can suppress the display of the image map command when they click on an image via the zMUD preferences.
This tag is fully supported
This tag is supported and is converted to the MXP <FRAME> command.  The Open, Close, and Redirect options are supported.  If HREF is used, only a referenced image will be displayed in the window when it is opened.  You cannot display a web page in a window using this option.  Also, the BROWSER option is not supported, so you cannot open a web browser window with this command.  INTERNAL is supported and will cause the window to be docked to the parent MUD window.  The following options are NOT supported: nonsizeable, noclose, small_title, fit, viewbottom, webtracker.

Tags or attributes not mentioned in the list above are generally not supported.  This implementation of Pueblo compatibility contains most of the commonly used features by MUDs and significantly enhances the use of zMUD on Pueblo-enabled MUDs.

MUD coders are encouraged to convert their Pueblo code over to MXP to provide greater MUD client compatibility, flexibility, and security.