MUDs that Zugg plays

I don't actually have much time to play MUD games anymore.  And yes, I'll admit that I've moved to the "dark side" and started playing various massively-multiplayer-online-roleplaying-games (MMORPGs).  I've played most all of them, starting with the original Ultima Online, through Everquest, Asheron's Call, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, EQ2, Worlds of Warcraft, and GuildWars.  Currently I am playing Worlds of Warcraft, and have got back and resumed playing SWG with all of their expansion packs.

Back when I was playing MUDs, here is what I was looking for and what I ended up playing.  The ones marked with asterisks (*) are the ones I played the most.

Note that if you actually run into a player called "Zugg" on *any* of these games (MUDs or otherwise), you are likely dealing with an imposter.  Because of all of the messages I used to get spammed with while I was trying to relax and play the game, I had to give up playing the "Zugg" character.  I use various other names now, and only my close friends know which names I use.

* Realms of Despair (
A great training/school area to get you started. Some standard areas, but many many unique areas. Looks like a winner. Lag has gotten better so I play here a lot now. Nice experience system and some unique classes.
Highlands II (
Highlands II is back! After their pfile wipe, they have changed the WAR rules so that this is now a peaceful MUD once again. This MUD gets bonus points for its *fantastic* use of ANSI color in many areas (check out the Garden!).
Mirkwood (
Very friendly place! Has all the features I want. I still play here a lot, even though I don't really like how it gives out exp for killing mobs (you always need 1000 exp to level, and the amount of exp per mob drops when you increase level). I used to play here till they deleted my character for being inactive for a month.
HoloMUD (
Heavily modified DIKU MUD. Most areas are unique. Good clan system, no pkilling, quests, very flexible character improvement system, multiplaying (2 chars). Gains bonus points for its excellent writing and areas. Loses a point for lag. I'm having a lot of fun on this MUD! No corpse retrival on this MUD! (your corpse stays with you when you die).

Here are some other MUDs that I played for a while that didn't meet all the requirements of my MUD search:

* Medievia (
While this MUD isn't a DIKU type, it has a lot of cool features. This MUD is definitely pushing the boundries of traditional MUDding. Check out the Dragon Flying, quests, and hero battles. Clan implementation is very good. You can even buy your own house. There is no Corpse Retrival here, making death a minor inconvienence. Great leveling, with multi-classes allowing you to build up to a super level 124 hero.
Three Kingdoms (
This is the only LPmud I have played. I use it to test my mapper and generally learn about LPmuds. Looks like a fun place so far.
Mortal Realms (
I use this MUD to test my VT102 code in zMUD.
Dark Castle (
The first MUD I ever played, and the place I did most of the zMUD development. I still check in now and then. I left because the pkilling on this MUD has gotten completely out of hand.

Here is what I look for in a MUD:

Must allow character name of Zugg
No longer an issue, but it was back when I was playing a lot.
Based upon DIKU/MERC
No rent, Skills based upon class, MUD School
Clan system
Clan Tell command to communicate with other clan members. Clan Hall/Area desired but not required. Clan equipment nice but not required
Restrictions on pkilling
Pkilling should involve severe penalities and be restricted to players that want to participate in pkilling. MUD should allow the formation of a peaceful clan that cannot be pkilled if it doesn't pkill itself. An arena system for honorable pkilled highly desired. Or, just no pkilling at all would be just fine with me.
Should have an average of 30 to 40 players at any given time
Minimal lag
A fast server with a good internet link. You lose points for connecting via private providers such as sprint and MCI due to their poor network reliability.
Meta shop
Meta shop allows you to increase stats and abilities by spending gold and experience points
Standard areas plus as many unique areas as possible. Unique and interesting equipment. Quest eq is a bonus.
Desired features
Bots allowed (robots for healing, spells, etc)
Friendly gods and imps that *listen* to their players
Multiplaying (low priority)
No level restrictions for grouping.