Michael E. Potter



Owner, Programmer

Group Leader


System Administrator

Postdoctoral Fellow, Astrophysics

Other Experience

Internet Programmer

Programming Languages

Other Skills

Educational Background

Ph.D., Physics

B.S, Information and Computer Science


Contact Information

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Principles and Values

Honor, Integrity, Enthusiasm

If people are happy with what they are doing, they will excel, and customer satisfaction will go through the roof.

Focus on what your customer wants, not what you can deliver.
he most effective strategy is that of Very-Rapid Application Development. Using the Internet as a distribution mechanism, and means for collecting customer feedback, produce a product quickly, with very short turnaround of new versions and updates. Allow the customer to drive features and product direction as the application develops through an integrated feedback mechanism.

Desktop Group Leader

Accepted a leadership position after a major Laboratory reorganization brought the various pieces of desktop computer support into a new group within the Computing, Information, and Communications (CIC) Division. Developed the vision and strategy of the group in collaboration with group members. Flattened the management structure and shifted towards a self-directed work team model, becoming the showcase for the Division. Embarked on desktop technology development in the areas of groupware, hypermedia, computer security, electronic software distribution, and remote system management for the Laboratory. Developed and managed an $8M annual budget, supported and mentored a staff of 80-100 system administrators, and participated actively in the CIC Division leadership team.

LANL Webmaster

Designed and developed the central Laboratory Gopher server. Evolved this service into the central LANL Web service. Developed software to integrate the Web and Gopher services. Developed the Laboratory searchable phone book system using PERL. Formed the Laboratory Internet Information Services User Group and educated users across the Laboratory on Internet and Web technology.

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