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Software Licenses

Software license keys are sent via email only after payment for the product is processed. Each license key can be used for up to seven days after it is issued. After the seven day installation period, the license key expires. Customers can always get an additional license key by logging into the Zugg Software store using the login information sent via email with the original license key. This seven day installation limit is necessary to prevent dishonest users from posting their license keys to the Internet for people to use illegally.

Once your license key has been installed into the software, the software will continue to work unless you reformat your hard disk. You shouldn't need to enter your license key again, even when you install a new version of the software or install a new version of Windows.

The software is licensed to you as a "User". You can install your license key on multiple computers as long as only one computer is using the software at any given time. Your license key is tied to your name and email address, and sharing your license key with others is a violation of international copyright laws.


Every Zugg Software product is eligible for a full 30-day refund. To return a product and get a refund, log into the Zugg Software store using the login information that is sent via e-mail when you purchased the product. Select the order you wish to refund, then click the Return Product button next to the product you wish to return. Fill out the form that is displayed and your refund will be processed as soon as possible.


Typically you will receive free upgrades for the software you purchased until the next major version is released, or until one year has passed since your purchase date, whichever is longer. Consult the details of each individual product for more specific information.