ANSI Function Mapping

This Preferences page contains options that control how ANSI control codes are handled by zMUD. Most of these preferences are local to the specific character.


ANSI control codes are normally used to specify the color of text from the MUD. However, several special ANSI codes are used to specify attributes such as bold text, underline, blinking, and reverse video. zMUD allows you to map these ANSI functions to one of several zMUD functions. For example, if you don't like blinking text, you can map the ANSI Blink function to something else such as underlined text. A very common setting is to map the ANSI Bold function to display highlighted colors so that you can have 16 text colors instead of the ANSI default of 8. This is the default setting for the Bold function. All other ANSI functions are mapped to their ANSI default.


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