This Preferences page contains options that control how zMUD connects to the MUD. Most of these preferences are local to the specific character.


Check for new Version (global)
Determines if zMUD checks the server for a new version of zMUD every time you run zMUD. Default is on. You can always force zMUD to check for a new version manually using the Check for New Version command in the Help menu.
Auto reconnect (local)
Controls whether zMUD automatically tries to reconnect to the MUD when a connection is lost. Note that some MUDs require that this option be turned off in order to use zMUD on that MUD.
Connection Timer (local)
Controls whether the connection timer is displayed in the status bar above the command line. Default is on.
Reconnect Time (local)
The number of seconds to wait before reconnecting to a MUD that has disconnected. Note that this value cannot be set lower than 10 seconds. This is to avoid users reconnecting to quickly while a MUD is rebooting. This time is used for the first 20 reconnection attempts.
Reconnect Time 2 (local)
Save as Reconnect Time, but this is use for the second 20 reconnection attempts. After 40 unsuccessful attempts, zMUD stops trying to reconnect.
Connect timeout (local)
Number of seconds to try connecting to a MUD. Default is 5 seconds. If you have a slow network connection or are connecting to a slow MUD, increase this value.
LF / CR (local)
Sets Linefeed (LF) line termination. MUDs that follow the telnet protocol send a CR/LF combination after each line, so setting either the LF (default) or CR option will work. However, some MUDs do not follow the telnet protocol and you might have to set the CR option if you have trouble recognizing lines.

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