zMUD allows you to connect to and play MUDs on the Internet, and provides you many useful tools, such as aliases, actions, macros, keys, buttons, scripts, maps, databases, etc, to make your MUD life easier and more profitable.

Suggestions for improving zMUD are always welcome. Support is available to all users on the Support Forums at and via email at The latest version of zMUD can be found in the Download page at

zMUD is designed for both the novice MUD player, as well as the advanced player. For novice players, the built-in list of all MUD games on the Internet makes it easy to get started. If you are a novice user, don't be intimidated by the large number of commands and features in zMUD. These features will not get in your way, but they will be waiting for you when you become more advanced.

For advanced users, zMUD can be completely customized and scripted. You can create "robot" programs that respond to conditions on the MUD and take action for you. zMUD scripting can even be used to interact with other programs on your computer. As a scriptable Telnet client, zMUD can be used to automatically monitor a network, control routers, and more. Given the flexibility and power of zMUD, there is little you cannot accomplish.

For developers, additional tools are available for creating zMUD plugins, allowing you to expand the functions of zMUD beyond what is described in this help file.

This help file is designed to be a reference for zMUD, rather than a tutorial. While several of the topics in the Getting Started section can be used as tutorials, official tutorials can be found on the Zuggsoft web site at This help file is also available online at The online version of the help file contains many screen shots that are not included with the Windows Help version due to space considerations.

Here is an overview of the major topics included in this help file:

List of zMUD features
Getting Started
Information for new users
Advanced Topics
Information for power users
Menu Reference
Reference for all menu commands
Command Reference
Reference and syntax for commands
Function Reference
Reference and syntax for built-in functions