Directories (zmud.ini)

This Preferences page contains options that control where zMUD looks for the ZMUD.INI file your local disk. Most of these preferences are global.


For this file you can tell zMUD to look in the ZMUD.EXE directory, the Current directory, or an Other directory that you specify.

zMUD stores this Directory information in a ZMUD.INI file stored in the same directory as ZMUD.EXE. If you select a different location for ZMUD.INI, the ZMUD.INI in the ZMUD.EXE directory will still be used to set file locations before the second ZMUD.INI file is actually read.

This directory settings is mainly provided for system administrators that have set up zMUD on a network. Note that each user of zMUD must still be registered in such a setup.

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