This Preferences page contains options that control how zMUD emulated various terminal types or protocols. Most of these preferences are local to the specific character.


ANSI Color (local)
Controls whether ANSI color codes are recognized from the MUD. Default is on.
MXP/HTML (local)
Determines whether MXP commands are recognized from the MUD. Default is on.
MUD Compression (local)
Controls whether Mud Client Compression Protocol (MCCP) is recognized from the MUD. Default is on.
VT102 emulation (local)
Controls whether VT102 terminal codes are recognized from the MUD. Default is on.
MrTerm emulation (local)
Controls whether shortened VT102 codes as used by the MrTerm (Mortal Realms terminal) program are recognized. Default is off.
Telnet protocol (local)
Controls whether telnet options are recognized from the MUD. Telnet options are used to communicate the terminal type and screen size to the MUD but some MUDs do not follow the strict telnet protocol and do not support this feature. Default is on.
Character mode (local)
Controls whether individual characters are immediately sent to the MUD or whether entire lines are set (the default). In Character mode, the cursor is places within the MUD output window instead of the command line. This mode is used for running some character editors such as emacs or vi from zMUD and more strictly emulates a normal telnet client.
Local echo (local)
Controls whether keys and commands are locally echoed to the screen when in Character mode. Default is off.
Emulate control codes (local)
Controls whether any control codes are recognized by zmud or whether they are displayed on the screen. Default is on (recognize control codes). This option is normally used for debugging purposes.
Default Telnet terminal type
Controls the default terminal type sent to the MUD in response to a Terminal Type telnet option request. Default is "zmud".

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