Foreground Colors

This Preferences page contains options that control what text colors are used by zMUD. Most of these preferences are local to the specific character.


Although ANSI defines 8 standard colors and 8 highlighted colors, zMUD allows you to map these values to any color your system is capable of displaying. To change one of the colors, click the button next to the color number and select a new color from the displayed color palette.

To set the colors to ANSI default values, click the "Make regular colors Dim" button. To flip the dim and highlighted characters to make a default ANSI MUD look brighter, click the "Make regular colors Bright" button.

If the "Use colors from Inherited settings file" option is selected, the default mapping from the DEFAULT.MUD file will be used regardless of what values you change in this page. To actually use the colors you have set, turn off the inherited option.


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