General MXP

This Preferences page contains options that control how the Mud eXtension Protocol (MXP) is used by zMUD. Most of these preferences are local to the current character.

Enable Mud eXtension Protocol
Globally enabled or disables the parsing of MXP commands from the MUD. Default is on.
Report <RELOCATE> Usage
Reports when the MUD uses the <RELOCATE> command to switch you to another server. Default is on.
Expand MXP tags in command line
Determines if Open MXP commands are allowed in the command line. Even if turned on, the < character in the MXP tag will need to be preceded with a ~ character to prevent zMUD from parsing the < character. Default is on.
Underline MXP links
Determines if hyperlinks created by MXP commands should be underlined. Default is on.

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