Spam Protection

This Preferences page contains options that control zMUD's automatic spam prevention feature. Most of these preferences are local to the specific character.

Many MUDs get upset if you send several identical commands in a row to the MUD. For example, sending 20 consecutive "recall" commands might cause the MUD to disconnect you. The MUD does this to avoid people chatting the same line over and over again to everyone on the MUD or to people in the same room. zMUD can prevent the MUD from detecting multiple consecutive commands by sending a different command after a certain number of identical commands are detected. For example, if you have the zMUD Spam Limit set to 10 and try to send 20 recall commands, zMUD will send 10 recall commands, followed by your defined Spam Command, followed by another 10 recall commands. Note that you should never use this feature to abuse the MUD or other players on the MUD by chatting or telling the same message over and over again...that kind of behavior can easily get you banned from the MUD. This zMUD feature is only intended to prevent normal MUDding from being accidentally interrupted by the MUD spam detection code.


Spam Limit (local)
Controls the number of consecutive commands needed to trigger the spam prevention feature. Set to zero to turn off this feature. Default is zero.
Spam Length (local)
The minimum length of commands detected by the MUD's spam code. Normally, short commands such as directions are ignored by the MUD's spam code.
Spam Command (local)
Command to send to the MUD when the Limit number of consecutive commands have been sent to the MUD. Set this to a command that doesn't do much on the MUD. Something like "save" works well.

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