User Interface

This Preferences page contains options that control the zMUD user interface. Many of these are global preferences as indicated below:


Auto NumLock (global)
Controls whether the NUMLOCK key is automatically activated when zMUD is started. Default is on. Users with laptop computers should turn this option off. Turn this option on to activate the movement macros assigned to the keypad.
Autosave on exit (local)
Controls whether the settings for the current character are automatically saved when you exit or whether you are prompted for the save. Default is on.
Backup settings (global)
Controls whether backup files are made when settings are saved. Default is on. Backups of .MUD files are saved in .BAK files.
Status bar (local)
Determines whether a status bar is displayed in the current MUD window.
MUD Output (local)
Determines whether the main MUD Output portion of the window is shown.
Caption on Top (local)
Determines whether the window caption is on the top or left side of the window
Refresh Amount (local)
Controls how many lines of text are buffered before being updated in the MUD output window. If set to one, the window will be updated after each line is received from the MUD, which results in very smooth scrolling, but is also the slowest settings. If set to zero, the window is only updated when the MUD finishes sending an entire network buffer, which results in jumpy scrolling (and may result in some lines never displayed if the buffer is larger than a screenful) but is the fastest. The default is 5 which updates the window after every 5 lines are received from the MUD. The default setting is a good compromise between speed and smoothness. Note that in any setting, triggers are always tested on each line received whether it is displayed or not.
Main Tool bar (global)
Controls whether the main toolbar is displayed below the main menu. Default is on.
Help Balloons (global)
Controls whether popup hints are displayed when the mouse is positioned over a control that has hints available. Default is on.
Clock (global)
Controls whether the clock is displayed to the right of the command line. Default is on.
24-hr Clock (global)
Determines if the clock is displayed in 12-hr (am/pm) or 24-hr format.Attached Command line (local)
Determines whether a command line is displayed at the bottom of the MUD window. If this option is turned off, a common command line is displayed in its own window
Foreign Translation
Determines whether the ZMUD.LNG file is used to translate all text shown in zMUD windows and dialogs. Using this option will slow down the opening of windows, but will allow you to display zMUD in different languages. Check the web site for the language files currently available.

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