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  MUDs with MSP support 

If your MUD supports MSP and is not on this list, send me email.  The list below is a bit out of date.  For a more complete list of MUDs that support MSP, go to the MUD Connector MSP List.

MUD Title MUD Host:Port Comments
Ad Hesperia  
Adventures for Ancient Wisdom Sounds are here
Adventures in Stormgate The sound files are at the bottom of the main menu under FILES
ATLAS MUD Sounds are here
BlackMUD Sounds are here
BlueKnight MUD  
Chalacyn Nights Sounds are here
Core 2649 Sounds are here
Crimson Gate  
The Criterion Sounds are here
Dalila 3 Megabytes of music and sounds to download
Dark and Shattered Lands  
Darkstar: Knight of Darkness The music files for DarkStar are found here.
Dark Wizardry Sounds (FTP) are here
Devil's Rift Sounds are here.
Dragon Swords  
DreamScapes Fantasy MUD Sounds (FTP) are here
Duris: Land of BloodLust  
Dutch Mountains Sounds are here
Eclipse of Fate  
Eternal Fantasy Sounds are here
Faerun MUD  
Farside MUD  
Fate of Kingdom II Sounds (FTP) are here
Gate Mud  
Gateway to the Night  
GreyMud Adventures Sounds are here
Godwars the Gathering  
Endless Dreams  
Kallisti MUD Sounds are here
Ledor Sounds are here
Legends and Lore Sounds are here
Legends of Excalibur Sounds are here
Lurking Fear II Sounds are at at "MSP Sounds" link
Mars Mud  
Medievia Test area is 4n and 1w from MedLink.
The Other Side of the Mirror Sounds are here
Pandemonium FTP sounds from, login: Pandy, pass: MUD
Promised Land  
The Providence of Coranthia Sounds here
Purple Dragon Sounds (ZIP) here
Realms of the Dragon  
Realm of the Magi   Sounds here
Realms of Mysteria Sounds here
The Realms of Wonder port:4000  
Redemption Sounds here
The Secret Of Atlas  
The Shadow Realms 7 Megabytes of sound are here
Starfleet MUD97 Sounds are here
Star Wars Reality Sounds are here
Time of the Shadows Sounds (FTP) are here
Twilight LPMUD Sounds are here
Wonderland Sounds are here
Year of Sacrifice  

MUD Clients that support MSP

If your MUD client supports MSP and it is not on this list, send me email.

CMUD (all versions)
For Windows XP and Vista
zMUD (v4.60 and higher)
For PC/Windows; see the zMUD implementation notes.
MUD Master (v2.10 and higher)
For PCs; runs in Windows Command mode.
KMuddy (v0.5 and higher)
A MUD client for KDE Desktop environments (Linux/Unix)
AmiMUD (v2.10 and higher)
for Amiga. Cannot play SOUND and MUSIC at the same time due to Amiga restrictions.
TinTin++ (v 1.5 UNIX)
This is a BETA version of the popular UNIX TinTin++ client.   Both source and binary are provided towards the end of the web page.
LegendWeaver (1.0d3 and higher, Macintosh)
Seperate versions for PPC, FAT, 68K, and OSX

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