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  MUDs with MXP support 

If your MUD supports MXP and is not on this list, send me email.

For details on adding MXP to your MUD server, go here.  Examples and patches for both ROM and SMAUG are given.  The list below hasn't been updated in a while, so you can also get a more complete list of MUDs that support MXP via the MUD Connector MXP list.

MUD Title MUD Host:Port Comments
Blood Moon
CoolMUD First MUD to implement MXP :)
Crimson Blade
Crimson Gate  
The Darkening Sun port:5678
Desolation of the Dragon II  
Devil's Lament
DreamScapes MUD  
Endless Dreams
Fatal Dimensions Port 4000 is "stable, port 5000 is test port.
FinalFrontier German
Hunters Network First SWR based mud to install MXP
LostAges Moo to enable MXP players type: 
@options display +use_zmud
Lurking Fear 2  
Perilous Realms  
The Realms of Wonder
Star Wars: Time of Darkness
Storm:Call of the Knight  

MUD Clients that support MXP

If your MUD client supports MXP and it is not on this list, send me email.

CMUD (all versions)
For Windows XP and Vista
zMUD (v6.15 and higher)
For PC/Windows; see the zMUD implementation notes.
MUSHclient (v3.10 and higher)
For PC/Windows
KMuddy (v0.8 and higher)
A MUD client for KDE Desktop environments (Linux/Unix)

There is also an open-source library to help with MXP implementation.  It is at

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