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Features of zChat.
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Where to get PGP (and how to install it)
zChat Protocol Specification
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zChat is a standalone peer-to-peer chat program that also works as a zMUD plugin.  zChat is the most secure chat client available on the Internet and interfaces with PGP v2.62 for completely seemless encrypted chat sessions.  zChat is also compatible with the chat functions in MUD Master.  zChat is FREE software, but using zChat as a zMUD plugin requires a registered version of zMUD v5.43 or greater.
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 Compatible UNIX MUD client:
mcl - MUD Client for Unix. Textmode, features scrollback, actions, aliases, macro keys, greatly extendable using embedded Perl or Python. Currently (Oct 99) supports most of the zChat/MudMaster protocol, except for file transfers, snooping and PGP.  License: GPL (source avaiblee, free)
Feature Description
PGP Encryption
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PGP Setup wizard makes it easy to use encrypted messages.  PGP 2.62 is available worldwide and is Free!  PGP support makes zChat the most secure chat client on the Internet
Friends List
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Persistent list of the friends you chat with.  Friends can be using zChat or MUD Master.
Group List
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A persistent list of groups of your friends.  Just drag a Person button into the group you want to add them to.
Online Status
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Determine if your friend is using zChat, using some other program, or away from the keyboard (AFK)
Custom Icons
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Friends can set their own custom icons and can change them under script control from zMUD.
Send Files Send files to your friends.  You can even PGP encrypt the file transfer!
Send Email If your friend is not online, you can send them email from within zChat
Chat History use the arrow keys to recall your previous chat messages.  Keeps a history of chat messages received from each friend.
Split-screen Scrollback Just like the windows in zMUD, the zChat window can be split to view previous messages while still seeing live chat.  The scrollback saves thousands of lines.  And no limit to the size of your chat messages!
Color Chats Assign a different text color to each friend.  When using zMUD, you can even include color within your chat message itself using ANSI color codes.
Remote Control Using zChat as a zMUD plugin you can Snoop a friend's MUD session and even control heir copy of zMUD remotely (if they let you)
Status line customizeable line shows the status of variables and triggers
Proxy Support supports Proxy servers such as WinGate
Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 A 32-bit version developed and tested for Windows 95, 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

This page last updated on July 23, 2001