zMapper Tutorials

These are basic tutorials for learning how to use the zMapper program.  See the included online help file for more detailed reference information.

Introduction to zMapper
A basic introduction to zMapper.  This tutorial describes how to take a normal zMUD map and customize it.  An example of a temple floorplan is created.
Map scaling and coordinate system
Discusses the coordinate system used for maps and how to add a scaled background image to the map.  The automatic alignment tools used to adjust the relative position of the background image is demonstrated.
Overlaying background images
A more practical example of overlaying rooms on a background image.  A background image of downtown Colorado Springs is overlaid with streets and restaurants, and the Show Shortest Path feature is demonstrated
Hexagonal Maps
A hexagonal map is created in zMUD and annotated with various tiles and bitmaps.  This demonstrates the ability to customize the map directions and spacing, and to create scalable room shapes and bitmap images for rooms.