Programming the Database

The Database Module can be fully controlled from within a script or from the zMUD command line. This section provides an overview of the scripting controls. To learn all about scripting the database, read each of these topics in order, or use the Next and Prev buttons along the top. Or, just click on the topic you are interested in:


Database Names
Describes the zMUD naming conventions for databases.
Opening and closing Databases
Describes how to open, save, and close a database.
Database Variables
Introduces the important concept of a Database Variable, which can be used independently of the actual database records. Make sure you understand this section before reading any of the following topics.
Accessing Database Records
Describes how to access fields in a database record, and how to get and put database records into database variables.
Using Database Views
Describes how to change a view or create a new view
Setting View Filters
Describes how to find items in the database and how to filter the records in a view
Accessing Records in a View
Describes how to loop through records in a view
Database Column calculations
Describes special functions that perform calculations on database columns
Creating New Records
Describes how to create new records and how to capture information from an "identify" MUD command automatically.
Working on the Database behind the scenes
Shows how to work on the database in a script without disturbing the database user interface.

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