Syntax: #WA [time]

Delays processing of further commands on the line until text is received from the MUD. Sometimes command from zMUD can be executed too fast for the MUD. This command is used to slow them down.

If the time parameter is specified, the processing of further commands on the line is delayed the amount of time specified. Time is in units of milliseconds - e.g. 1000 is 1 second. Note that the commands remaining on the line are queued up for this time. You can still enter other commands on the command line while waiting.

WAIT examples

west;#WA;kill citizen
sends the west command to the MUD, then waits for some output from the MUD, then sends the kill citizen command. Without the #WA command, on some MUDs the kill citizen would be sent before you actually moved west.
#WA 2000;kill citizen
wait for 2 seconds, then send the kill citizen command to the MUD
#LOOP 10 {kill %{i}.bear;#WAIT 5000}
sends the commands "kill 1.bear", "kill 2.bear", "kill 3.bear", etc, but with a 5 second delay between each "kill" command.

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