Special Characters

This Preferences page contains options that control special characters are used by the zMUD parser. Most of these preferences are local to the current character.

When parsing is turned on, zMUD looks for several special characters in the command line used to execute zMUD commands or perform other special operations. If you want to send all text to the MUD verbatim, turn off the Parsing option in the Setting menu or click the computer icon to the right of the command line.

Individual characters used for zMUD parsing can be changed or completely disabled. If you disable a character you will lose the use of that zMUD feature.


Command Char

Used to begin zMUD commands. Defaults to #

Separator Char

Used to separate multiple commands on the same line. Default is ;

Variable Char

Used to expand the value of a variable. Default is @ (TinTin uses a value of $ for this).

Parameter Char

Used to expand internal zMUD variables and functions. Default is %

Focus Char

Used to send commands to other windows. Default is :

Movement Char

Used to begin speedwalking and paths. Default is .

Class Char

Used to begin desginate a path of classes for a setting. Default is /

History Char

Used to recall commands from the command history. Default is !

Quote Char

Used to escape other special characters. To send any special character to the MUD without parsing it or match it in a trigger, precede it with this character. Default is ~

Map Direction Char

Used to send a non-standard direction to the mapper so that it creates a new room. Default is >

Database Char

Used to match a column name in the current database. Default is &

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